Monday, July 14, 2008

25 steps of engagng

In gao style bagua there are 25 different variations of footworked designed to close the gap and apply the technique

The Twentyfive steps for engaging 走式變換名詞

1 Stationary Step 不動而走
2 Stationary Leaping Step 不動跳步而走
3 Forward Left to Right Step 向前左右一步一走
4 Forward Left to Right Multi sStep 向前左右多步而走
5 Forward Left to Right Low Step 向前左右蹋步一步一走
6 Forward Left to Right Low Multi Step 向前蹋步多步而走
7 Spinning Step Left to Right 轉身左右一步一走
8 Spinning Multi Step From Left to Right多步轉身左右而走
9 Rotating Low Step 翻身蹋步一步而走
10 Leaping Rotating Low Multi Step 多步跳躍翻身而走
11 Backward Step From Left to Right 倒步左右一步一走
12 Backward Multi Step From Left to Right 倒步左右多步而走
13 Backward Low Step 倒步蹋步而走
14 Leaping Step From Left to Right 跳步左右一步一走
15 Leaping Low Step 跳步蹋步而走
16 Straight Forward Step 向前直步一步而走
17 Backward Leaping Step From Left to Right 後退左右跳步而走
18 Straight Backward Leaping Step 後退直跳一步而走
19 Backward Leaping Multi Step 後退多步跳步而走
20 Straight Forward Multi Step 向前直步多步而走
21 Straight Backward Multi Step 倒步直步多步而走
22 Scurrying Forward Leaping Back Step 前竄後跳一步而走
23 Scurrying Forward Leaping Back Multi step 前竄後跳多步而走
24 Zhuan Zhang 轉圈繞身而走
25 Changing steps 換式而走

All of these forms of footwork are to be applied with every technique from the post heaven or applications. The techniques themselves with out these stepping methods can be less effective against an experienced fighter. It is crucial to be able to move fowards, backwards, up and down while being able to smoothly deliver your technique. Moving forward usually implies engaging while moving back is disengaging or escaping.

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