Thursday, July 19, 2012

The insect

After training martial arts for five years, I learned how to fight.

After training martial arts for ten years, I learned how to think.

After training martial arts for fifteen years, I learned how to learn.

After training martial arts for twenty years, I learned how to breathe.

After training martial arts for twenty-five years, I learned how to see.

After training martial arts for thirty years, I learned that I know nothing.

It does seem that every five years that my training changes in nature along with the way I perceive the world. It was as if after the first five years I stepped through a doorway and found the value of my skills. I was able to fight with more than one opponent at a time and had to in many instances. My focus was kicking harder and punching faster. Basically doing whatever needed to be done to leave the fray unscathed.

When I stepped through the next door, I found there were many other doors. Fighting was no longer the best option for each situation. In fact the best answer for resolving many situations was actually learning to calm myself. What people said to me was not as important as how I reacted to it.

After passing through the third doorway I found scrolls of knowledge and information that were the source of my skills. Through studying diligently I was able to better understand the development of combat historically and how to better aim my focus in my own training. Every additional skill I adopted expanded my mind and let me see more doors that would lead to who I desired to become.

Through the fourth door I found a calm through the understanding of meditation. Things that seemed to weigh on me heavily became easier to navigate. I found a oneness with the flow of life and learned to enjoy the bad situations as much as the good. For it was all a part of something greater than myself.

The fifth door was maybe the most frightening as I was able to see the connection between all things through kung fu. How every movement, word and thought had a vast affect in the universe. It became quite obvious that my training was part of a much bigger picture than just martial arts.My training was for the building and developing of a new dynasty.

Now as I begin my 30th year of training I have stepped through a door that I have become an insect in a vast martial arts jungle. Just as a termite in a tree or a bee on a flower, there is so much of the environment that I have not even begun to understand. The small amount that I may be able to teach is insignificant to the vast enormity that I have yet to learn. But just as an insect I will feed off the nectar from flower to flower and take the answers that the lord has provided me with today.

As an insect things appear to be much larger and in depth. The smallest details that we overlook every day are the home of the insect. Only the tiniest creature can understand the comfort of moss, the danger of rain and the lighting of the moon along side the bark of a tree. My voice has become so tiny that you may have to shrink your ego to understand my language.

Our currently established society that we have so grown to love and become familiar with is the very thing that is killing the human race. It's even strange that we call it the human race. Why race? Why are we prone to develop in a mode that we feel that competition with each other will lead us to success when it is quite apparent that it will lead to greed and arrogance?

If there are two great warriors in the land, the people will eventually have them go head to head to see who is number 1. This would be the same as taking two laptops and smashing them together repeatedly to see which one is more durable. Of course if you smash laptops together it seems wasteful, but aren't we as human beings more valuable than a laptop. Yet it is the first thing they will point us toward as martial artist. Do you compete?

In the end which ever warrior wins the world loses out on a great asset. A great loss to the protection of our people for the entertainment of the mindless masses. If I took two laptops and banged them repeatedly everyone would watch excitedly as well. It is our animal instinct that is driven to desire to see such primal acts. It is our animal instincts that run the country. When will we complete our evolution?

A while back I looked into the world economy and learned how much each individual on the planet would make if it was divided evenly. Every child, elderly person, American, African and Chinese person would have 7 million dollars a year. As God said the world will always be plentiful. So where does the suffering come from?

Well as an insect it is impossible to determine the source of the problem especially with all of the distractions in the Jungle. We must compete in sports, finance, religion, science and politics. If a divided house can not stand, then where are we headed?

It is childish to believe that I must be successful at the expense of others. To think that somehow your success is taking from my own. The truth is that our connection to each other is more powerful than our individual desires. Your success will make me more powerful. Therefore I should do what is best for me and us at the same the same time. When you become number 1 you are all alone and easy to control, isolated in a dark world that was designed to destroy heroes. Do you think it is human nature to eliminate heroes and warriors that would defend us? It sounds very much like a war strategy I heard before of weakening the enemy. Make their champions fight each other and they will never have strength.

If we continue to compete with each other instead of cooperate then our demise is promised. We must appreciate our differences and embrace our similarities. The only competition that is good is the competition of self. Everything else is vanity and destruction. I know many people have said these same words before and everyone hears it and moves on with there life. Maybe only insects can understand.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Change of Heart

Since the age of four years old, the longest time period I have gone without training was a month. Throughout my school years and traveling to Asia, I have been blessed to always have motivation. When I was child it was because I was fighting almost daily, but later it changed to a new type of combat. 

Being oppressed as a child created a fire in my heart to become more. To quote Knight, one of the Tianwudao, "Life is like a bow and arrow, the more they hold you back, the farther you can fly." This philosophy has been the core of my being for most of my life. I trained hard so that one day I could show people a black hero on TV that I was never able to see as a youth. I was sick of gangsters being the role models for rap, so I began rapping. I learned Chinese because there were so many that told me that it was an impossible language. While I was teaching martial arts in the university they called me War. It was fitting because I was really at war in every aspect of my life.

In time my dreams of stardom and success only grew larger. I took on every challenge whether it was a song, demonstration, film or whatever. My success seemed to be growing as I received more recognition for my effort. I was rapping, studying, fighting, training, teaching, dancing and acting all at once. On the surface it appeared that I was a superhero, but on the inside after 25 years, I was exhausted. I couldn't understand why I had to do so much and others so little and I was still unable to make my dreams surface.

When I met my wife something changed in me. I felt that the fire that once was there had been extinguished. I continually trained and did all of the things that I desired my whole life, but somehow everything seemed to be a lot calmer. When this calm was upon me I feared that I would lose my dreams and ideas because I didn't want to trade in everything I had worked so hard for.

It wasn't until I returned to America that I began to understand the foolishness of my efforts. In the bible it often refers to the Philistines as the enemy of God. The word philistine in Hebrew refers to rolling in the dirt. This represents a person who believes that his effort is what will make him a successful person. Do or die, no pain no gain kind of thinking. This is what we are all taught as children, yet these people are the enemy of God. 

I then realized that it is because life itself is a gift from God. Trying to say you have achieved something with your own hands, is much like offering your mother money for birthing you. No matter how much you give your mother, it is folly because you couldn't exist without her. Me trying to achieve greatness with my hands even if my intentions are good is just a form of vanity. 

The problem was the source of all of my achievements was still based on a hidden rage to be better. In my opinion it is this hidden rage that was the cause of Bruce Lee's death. Rage in any form can only go so far before it poisons your every thought and then consumes your entire being. In our society today most people use either rage or fear to make all of their decisions. The fear that we will not be accepted is what keeps us up to date with fashion. The fear of not having enough income keeps us working at jobs that we have no passion for. They say that heart disease is the number one killer in America when  actuality it is fear. Rage is just a bit more powerful than fear, but both will cut many years from your life. 

Jesus mentions that the ultimate power is love. Though we all may have love in our loves, very few of us use love as a tool. Through loving my wife I have learned the nature of love. Now the fire that was once inside of me has become power. 

I do not have to chase my dream, I simply need to become it. By believing that God will exceed my every expectation, I will become much more successful than any of my efforts could ever have done. The point is that I don't deserve greatness, but I will receive greatness because of the love of my father. 

Now I am at rest knowing that I will be much more than I have ever dreamed of. The only thing I need to do is use love in every aspect of my life. I love my wife, I love my family, I love the Tianwudao, I love the people reading this blog, I love my art, I love Chinese, I love music and dance. I love every new opportunity that God brings my way. Through love we will overpower the darkness within our hearts and become the light of the world. If you do it cause you love it, you are doing it right.

Now whether I am studying, training, dancing or whatever it is done because I love every moment I have been given. I am no longer training, but enjoying the gifts that have been placed in my heart. Many Christians somehow feel that the desires in your heart contradict the path of God when it is really quite the opposite. God has put those desires in your heart so that you could love your life to the fullest. It is his nature to exceed your desires. Therefore the dreams that I have always wanted will be multiplied through faith not effort. Doubt, Rage, Disbelief, Fear, Anxiety are all different ways of not trusting God's love for you, therefore it hinders the gifts that you would receive. 

 Everything I do now is not tiring but invigorating. I can do 10 times as much and I am always at rest and in love. Doing things by your own effort is hard style, learning to rest is soft style. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Correct Path

My first contact with martial arts began with Taekwondo. At four years old my father had me and my two brothers go into a heavy regiment of training both kicks and punches that were geared for real combat situations. There were often days that we would practice over a thousand kicks just to make sure that the techniques were all done properly.

It was nothing like the Taekwondo that you would see in the olympics today, where falling down is a part of the strategy in order to avoid getting hit. We knew that while fighting against a group of opponents that falling down would surely be the end of you. We used low licks, takedowns, footwork and an arsenal of hand techniques to do whatever was necessary to keep our attackers at bay.

We never kept track with the amount of fights we had gotten involved in, but as a family it is safe to say  before leaving Ohio our total was in the hundreds. It seemed that when we beat one bully, two would take its place. Through every grade they became bigger stronger and more determined to put the black boys in place.

Weight eventually became a factor and the three of us encountered the very same situation on different days.

My brother Eddie, the oldest, was in a fight where the opponent had grabbed his leg and slung him to the ground. When he hit the ground he held on to the heavier boy and was able to out wrestle him and achieve victory choking him out.

My brother Aaron, the second oldest, had the same exact situation occur. When he was thrown to the ground he quickly stood back to his feet and switched to hand attacks which overwhelmed his heavier attacker, knocking him out.

When I was met with the same encounter and thrown to the ground, I decided the problem wasn't my kick, but my attack was too direct. I then through a feint kick causing him to reach and when he did I snapped my leg right into his face knocking him out.

All of us had began with the same routine of training. All of us ended up dealing with the same situation. Each of us chose a different path that would change our art forever.

My oldest brother, Eddie, now teaches Hapkido, which focuses fully on grappling and manipulation of the wrist, limbs and head.

Aaron now teaches Wing Chun (Yong Chun) which is completely focused on the hands and controlling the center.

I as you know, teach Bagua, which is the art of change and misdirection.

It's easy to see that it is not the encounter with the problem that made us change the way we fought our thought, but revealed the truth of what we always felt. Even as we practiced Taekwondo together none of us used the same movements the same way. This is evidence that no matter what we decide to learn, it is only a medium to help us discover what God already knows of us. Each day and activity that we involve ourselves in is another opportunity to see how we think. By understanding the source of our thought process and interests, we find our power. A unique power that I can only explain as a mutant power.

I then began to follow the thoughts of Bruce Lee meaning the more styles I touch against the more I can learn and that I should shed the leftover material so that I can better understand myself. By the time I was 20 I had practiced 13 different martial arts styles. Though I had become more effective than ever, I felt that I was somehow deteriorating from my true strength. It was as if I was trying to grow many fruits with out a root of my own.

After learning Bagua I found the reasoning of my weakening, and the truth of my own source of energy. The more I learned about Bagua, the more I dissected each movement and harnessed the nature of its movements within myself. Every time I dissect a movement, I found more to train and understand.  For me my training feels as if I am splitting atoms of information that continually deliver explosive new concepts into my mind.

Bruce Lee was the exact opposite in the sense that he became more powerful by bumping into more ideas from other styles that helped him complete his growth.

Not comparing myself to Bruce in aspects of skills, but only in learning methods. It is the same difference between nuclear fusion vs. nuclear fission. As much as I admire Bruce for everything he has done. If I would have continued on his pathway, I never would have grasped an understanding of myself or my art.

It is important for us all to know our art, but there is nothing more important than knowing ourself. This means that whatever we are involved in we must be able to distinguish ourselves from the situation. If you become your work, you will never be good at your work. What's more you will never have joy in your life because you are continually starving yourself from yourself. We can not have any form of self satisfaction until we have first found self.

This of course is where a lot of people go into mediation, isolation or whatever -tion helps them to achieve a sense of "self". Yet you must not forget the most important ingredient of self. The one who loves you more than you could ever love yourself. God.

Have you ever loved something so much that you made it exist? Of course not. This is why it is impossible for you to ever truly love yourself. Through knowing you were created from this love we realize that our desires within are not of our own. You want to learn martial arts because God wants you to learn martial arts. He speaks to you through your desires and you must be confident as you take into every good curiosity in your heart.

I got lots of questions from people who are looking for there path. Although I love answering questions from anyone who contacts me. No one can tell you better than the man himself. Close your eyes and ask him.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lets Go Deeper

I know that my blog at times may seem to drift away from the topic of kung fu, but actually I am just bringing you deeper within my art and my discoveries. Everything is in fact tied together like a strand of DNA and it is impossible for your martial art to develop if you cease to develop the other parts of your person. Your understanding of your world is essential for you to make progress in anything. After all God is in everything and by practicing, learning and experiencing the many flavors of life, you are fully cherishing the treasures of life.

In order to fully continue growing the most key factor is humility. Only through admitting you do not know, will you be able to know. If you already know, it is best to forget you know and learn it again  because you probably missed something the first time.

My friend recently came to me with a relatively new scientific research regarding wave movement. You can look it up yourself because I am no scientist. Yet it indicated that the understanding of the wave is to understand the secret of nature itself. The part of the theory that called to me and my training was the fact it claimed that light does not actually travel, that it is merely an illusion created by the unseen waves that travel through the universe.

Just as the waves in a pond when disturbed by a falling pebble. The water appears to be moving away from the impact of the stone, but actually is only vibrating upward and downward as the energy disperses. Another example is when the audience does the wave in a sports event. Every one stands up and sits down quickly creating the illusion that there is a wave moving across the stadium. Yet no one has actually left there seat.

This effects my kung fu because by looking at this simple analysis I can indicate that water, air or the human body can be used as a medium to transport energy through vibrations. Vibrations is something that I had seen many master practice while performing techniques like the shadowless fist.

This also explains the continual changing of emotions that occur while I am training. Why is it sometimes I finish my workout and I feel like I have made great progress, while at other times I feel frustrated with my result?

This is because my daily training sends a vibration through the universe which helps me find the frequency that I am looking for through a prolonged period of time. The up and down feeling is an indication that the universe in a sense has become my medium for progress. By practicing with a weapon repeatedly, both myself and the weapon create a vibration that begins to synchronize within each other. I really am becoming one with the sword.

So by opening my mind up to a little science, I have been able to enhance my training in many ways. I'm not surprised because the more knowledge that I am able to learn, the more I am able to understand the way God works. The more I understand about God, the more I understand about my training.

Then why is it that many people believe that God in science somehow contradict each other? Well there is a short answer. But I think the longer answer is needed to have a better understanding. A long time ago I was able to use this understanding of dimensions in order to better develop my relationship with God and martial arts. I am not a quantum mechanics guy, but a little bit is good for the kung fu.

Lets use a poker face card to illustrate the 2nd dimension. If you have a playing card sitting on the table and it were actually able to see, it would only see the left to right of the corners of the card. The eyes not being adjustable wouldn't be able to look straight at you in the 3rd dimension. Therefore if you pressed your hand on the card, it would be able to feel the pressure of the hand, but not be able to see where the pressure was coming from.

The difference from the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension is a similar relationship. The 4th dimension being a place that we can not see, but maybe out of the corner of our eye we are able to sense from time to time. The forth dimension is also where the lowest level of spirits are. They can see not only us but a possible out come of us at the same time. As if they are looking at you, a good you and a bad you. Depending on there goal, they will try to lead you to make a decision based on what they desire of you. Keep in mind that these are the lowest level of spirits.

When the bible speaks of Arch Angels it talks about them having 6 or even 8 wings. I believe that this indicates that they are able to move deeper into the 6 dimension all the way into the 8th dimension. Each dimension has an exponential increase in your possible outcomes. Meaning the powerful demons and angels are able to see an infinite amount of possibilities of yourself and spend their time guiding you to the one they want. Of course if you know of the devil, who at one time was the most beautiful Arch Angel, has vowed to end the life of mankind. This is why no one will ever be able to prove the devil's existence. He is an infinite amount of steps ahead of any human being. His only goal is to make you hate God and then kill you. Which is why a hurricane is called an act of God and anything beautiful is called mother nature.

All of these dimensions starting from the 4th suspend time. Only in this dimension is time a factor on what we do and perceive so we tend to get in a rush and miss out on hints that would indicate to us we were being manipulated. Yet the bible indicates that the highest angels can only appear before God's throne. This tells us that God is in a dimension that is an infinite amount of steps ahead of all life including the devil.

This is why I continue to say positive thinking is not enough to get you through life. But by maintaining your relationship with God you are actually staying ahead of the devil. Any attack that would come at you would be turned into your advantage. Which is why the bible says, "Your enemies will become your footstool."

Also it is key for you to maintain praying. Praying is actually only practicing telepathy. So by praying you are evolving into a more powerful being. Meditating can open up the universe to you, but you never know what other spirits are watching.

 You were born in a war that you can't even see. So true science is a wonderful thing that can help us to discover all of this. Yet it will continually try to negate God's existence and now you know why.

If you can understand this, then your kung fu will certainly become deeper. I will do my best to ease you in, but this goes pretty damn deep. Lets take it step by step.