Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training Program

Yesterday I was teaching my kung fu brother about combat and how to use the 64 palms in a real combat scenario. Like many practitioners he was able to understand the movements well in a practice situation, but real speed and force changed the reality of how a technique is actually applied. When I attacked him, he retreated into pure instinctive reaction and was able to defend himself (more or less), but didn't use a single one of the 64 palms. When he attacked me, I also retreated into my raw instincts and reactions, but I always stopped his attack with the most appropriate palm strike.

"How are you doing that?" He asked me confused as I helped him up from the floor.
"It's all about programming." I explained knowing that his career was related to computers.
"Programming?"  He asked again wondering if he had heard me correctly. I then began to explain to him this metaphor as I went through the 64 movements.

"The mind is super computer that is able to download information for an infinite period of time. When you are practicing the 64 palms you are teaching your body how to create 64 different opportunities when attacking your opponent. Because the mind is infinitely more complex than any computer, the downloading process is going to take years instead of hours. But you are basically redesigning your instincts to become deliberate reactions that will let you seize the advantage in combat." I finished as I pulled his weight one way and then attacked from an angle that made it impossible to defend.

"I understand how it works, but it's so much easier with boxing." My kung fu brother responded. "Boxing only has a few movements and after a while you are practicing those combinations without ever thinking about what punch you are doing. You are just looking for opportunities and striking the open targets." He remarked while doing a few hooks and uppercuts.
"Exactly." I agreed. "Boxing is a program with less movements and therefore the download speed will be significantly faster. For Bagua we can do the same thing if we need to. There are 64 palms but we can divide them into eight sections or eight concepts of combat depending on who I am fighting. I don't have to be familiar with every individual palm if I master the philosophy if each section."

"What do you mean?" He asked while taking his stance to come in for another attack.
"Well just now...I was only using the Heaven Section because it is all about how to strike your opponent and avoid being struck." He moved in with a furious combination that began with punches and elbows, but then became a shoot for my legs. As he shot in I made a circular movements with my hips that off balanced him and then through him into the wall behind me. As I helped him up again, I explained, "That was the third section. The Way of the Mountain. It means that I should deflect your energy while remaining routed. There are basically eight different doorways within the Way of the Mountain and because I am familiar with the program, you basically choose what door I will use when you attack me. Each of the eight sections has a different way to manipulate combat."

"Well it seems pretty complicated." He said feeling slightly disappointed.
"Not as much as you think." I assured him. "You are a shorter guy and while dealing with a tall attacker you are definitely going to want to use section 2, the Way of the Hands. This means you will be breaking limbs and controlling them making it easy to come into close range." When we traded hands again I attacked quickly as before, but I paused in mid-attack as he stepped back. "Look at my position now." I said.  He took a moment and his eyes lit up quickly as he naturally performed the 3rd movement of the second section, pinning my hands to my chest.
"Wow that was the first time it has felt natural." He said smiling.

"Because you are shorter and your preference of attacks you should simply master section 2. You can even master one of the movements in section 2 and it will be enough to disable any attacker. You just have to download the program so that it is no longer a thought, but just as natural as flinching.
Anything can be downloaded into the mind through thought, repetition and practice. After something has been uploaded into your system completely it becomes a part of how your system functions and operates. I have been uploading martial arts data for 30 years which means even if I upload a new bicycle program, it's going to have a heavy martial arts influence.

But like any computer these programs can be cancelled in the middle of the download resulting into a bunch of information that is incomprehensible for a computer. Some programs are small, like learning to fly a kite or make a paper airplane. Other more involved programs such as becoming a surgeon or playing the piano may take up to a decade to finish the upload. Does your computer contain the memory (patience) needed to upload the desired program?

We also have to be careful of viruses or negative thoughts that can slow or hinder the programs uploading speed. In all honesty we give too much power to our thoughts. I've thought to myself many times that I am not in the mood to train, or I don't have the energy or time to train. However regardless of my thoughts, I trained anyway. Even if I begin my training while I'm in a bad mood, I always finish in a good mood.

But I think the most necessary part of downloading information is having a smooth internet connection. By continuing to pray and ask Jesus the purpose of your design, you will not only receive information more quickly, you will surpass your desired goals. Many people train, study or prepare themselves for years trying to make the best possible outcome for themselves, but the complexity of the world is far more advanced than our own mind. How could you train every day if it isn't a part of your core design? We can always talk to our father to make modifications or complete system renewals if we need.

There are things currently happening in the sun and on the moon that influence the Earth and all of your thoughts. How can you maintain your downloads if don't have a smooth internet connection? But there are many people who are continually off-line and uploading more and more information. They rarely finish a download, they miss out on all the updates and they don't even know their computer is functioning slowly because of all the viruses. Stay online and in prayer and your training will not only improve, it will have a meaning deeper than just self improvement.