Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seminars, Questions and Comments!

I have been truly blessed to be able to finally come into contact with the style that I had been searching for most my life. Bagua is the most potent style I have ever come in contact with in regards of combat, healing and research. Each movement is a seed that through practice will become a fruit that will bear thousands more seeds. Meaning that if you start with almost ten thousands seeds, you will soon find yourself in a harvest of countless possibilities.

Today I am faced with the challenge of spreading these seeds across the world so that everyone who desires to may grow their own fruit. I do this not only because it is my responsibility, but because it is necessary for my safety.

The truth is as I practice and meditate on the movements they continually divide into countless mathematical equations. At times the thoughts actually create a weight within my mind slowing down my processing ability on every day thoughts. I literally find myself lost in the supermarket splitting the atoms of different palm techniques.

Lucky for me I am still very young to this new world of quantum martial arts so the side effects of these problems are very minor. By passing on the things that I have learned I unload my mind of the old information and am able to think freely on the new growing and developing ideas. The older information is seen in the students making them into new data containers. Every student that I teach is a load off my mind.

This December I will be going to Scotland to teach a seminar where my goal is to unload enough information in a few days that can be digested over the course of a few years. Yet I would like to hold a yearly seminar, ensuring they always have a heavy dose of Gao Bagua. This is a wonderful opportunity for myself and Scotland to grow within our realms of understanding. If there are enough students in any area I would happily offer my services to the dedicated. New students are my only chance of maintaing my sanity. It would also be great to not be the only person taking crazy pills.

I am not only grateful to those of you that have been following my progress, I need you in order to pass on the legacy that has been given to me. My book is near completion and I have dozens of projects that will be filled with the art, yet the only way Bagua will be able to survive is in a living container. So I am begging for comments, questions and different thoughts. Bagua is just too good to be stuck in one place.

Let's work together and share the dream.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The art of perception

Today I made a comment about feeling better about each day that I have been given. Being able to see the good in any situation is the ultimate form of kung fu. Through mastering this technique we are able to let the light within us shine affecting not only ourselves, but the attitudes of those we come across. The truth is that even the most powerful of arts can not be understood until we first go through painful training.

Those around me see me smiling and may believe that everything is going my way. The look on my face says content, success and excitement. I have been chasing dreams for as long as I can remember. I have learned to relish in the frustration of self development by using the discipline attained from my martial arts training. Yet even my training is not the way that I yet desire it to be. In my eyes I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of my objectives. I find myself receiving news that would be disappointments to many on the daily basis. Outside accidents, arguments and misunderstandings are unavoidable even to the highest level of kung fu masters. So what's with the goofy grin?

My reality is not something that I will ever be able to control. I am even less able to control the opinions of those around me. The strength of perception is not held in avoiding conflict, but facing it. Tomorrow it doesn't matter if it rains, snows or the sun doesn't come out, I will still train martial arts. The same can be said for what I decide to see in every given problem. If I lose my job, will relish in my extra time. If I wreck my car, I will relish in my appreciation of my other belongings. If my goals fail, I will relish in making new goals.

Relishing in good things is not enough to erase pain. You are a fool to think that there isn't a time to morn, cry or even be afraid. After that feeling has been given its proper attention, we must return to our training. It takes far more strength to be positive than negative. Those who do not follow their dreams will always think of themselves as cowards, making all other forms of success only surface level. You must remember no matter what happens that you will be joyful tomorrow. Your joy as your training should never be dependent on the weather. Face the storm with a fearless grin. Everyone deserves to be happy, but unfortunately not everyone is strong enough to own up to it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bullies? That's what kung fu is for!

Today in my English class I had to listen to debates about the bullying problem around the world. After listening for a of couple hours I came to realize that the ignorance about martial arts is evident in our social problems. My issues dealing with violent racism as a youth required me to confront bullies on a daily basis. All bullies used to be bullied themselves.  Their insecurities become targets they seek in other weaker individuals.

Martial arts being the practice of daily refinement is the most obvious answer to the problem. Yes the teacher has a responsibility to the children to look after their safety. The reality is that no one can be around your kid 24 hours a day or be involved on their social networks. Parents have an obligation to teach their children about bullying, but they can not live their child's life for them. The child needs to understand that life is filled with dangerous situations and sometimes you got to dig yourself out on your own. It just so happens the universe has provided us the perfect tool for bullies, kung fu.

I say kung fu meaning all martial arts but you have to be careful using the word martial arts these days. Some people would tell you that martial arts is two guys in a cage beating each others faces in over money. No disrespect to gladiators, we all have to find a way to make money. Fighters use a lot of martial arts, but most fighters are not martial artist.

True kung fu first attacks the weakness within one's own character: laziness, fear, low self-steem and lack of strength. These flaws mold into traits that eventually act as a magnet to bullies. It is the essence of which the bully must feed on.

In China many families would take the weakest child to the temple to train for fear of his life. Maybe he was always sick as a baby or even picked on. They took him and left him on the temple stairs to be adopted by the monks so that they would train the weakness out of him. These sick babies usually turned out to be the most powerful masters. The advantage of being weak is that you understand the power of strength.

If you have always been strong then when training a technique you do not need to follow every detail to generate power. You use talent and muscle to make up for what you don't understand. Yet only starting as a weakling will you truly need every move to be perfect before you can generate power. The weakest will always become the strongest. Martial arts is a gift for the meek.

In a martial arts class the first thing that they will introduce to you is pain. Every stance, step, stretch and sparring session is going to be painful, but also it will be positive. Any child quickly gets used to the idea that getting hit is not so scary anymore. He will feel a confidence in his achievements and accomplishments. Martial arts will give him the ability to deal with his problems in many ways. The fact that a child would not admit to his parents that he was being bullied is an indication that he doesn't even have the confidence to speak up in his defense. And if push real comes to shove on the playground, bullies only want prey. They don't want a really fight.

On the flip side martial arts is also the solution for the bully himself. If he is in a style that utilizes his potential and worth while at the same time showing him the error of arrogance and pride. An art that gives him a true confidence along with peace of mind. So that when he wakes up in the morning he will feel to good about himself and his place in the world.

Bottom line is everyone needs to know kung fu. Plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Light is less visible through a dirty glass. For us light symbolizes the power we attain through our positive efforts. These efforts create a pathway that will ultimately lead to our dream. While on this pathway we feel at rest and no obstacle can stop the force that is within us. Yet this force leaves us even as we think dark thoughts.  Dark thoughts soon become soiled gestures and our pathway to perfection is unseen. Lost again in a crowded office, the loneliest person alive.

Dark thoughts are something that come to all of us, usually at a time we feel vulnerable. The sad truth is this negative thought of vulnerability is what attacks at the wisdom that would reside in us. Wisdom can never accompany unrighteousness. Therefore when we involve ourselves in this energy we are unable to access our powers: creativity, insight, passion, charisma and all other heroic traits. Fear comes in many shapes and strangles the potential of what we could do in every minute of the day. Call the light by name and it will always return to you. When you debate about the little matters you waste time you could be spending on your growth. Who cares if people don't know what you know? What difference does it make if you think I'm a dreamer? 

Live as a righteous example and all that you have will be blessed. Kung fu with the wrong habits is a sure path to self-destruction. It must always be righteousness before kung fu for you to know any real power. I only speak to those who listen and those who don't are not a part of a problem I am able to solve. Many are addicted to darkness and claim to love the agony within. Pity them as they mock you for wanting more. There will come a time for all of us to face the person we have been. Lying to one's heart rots the soul. On the surface money may look cozy, but nothing compares to being loved. There really shouldn't even be a decision. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Follow Through

There is a Chinese idiom that is one of my favorites: 一諾千金. It means that your word is a s good as a thousand gold pieces. You must never say anything unless you intend to do it. Once you have committed to an attack, to stop half way would leave you even more vulnerable to your opponent. Where as even missing will place you in a position for a better recovery than a half movement.

Myself I have been in the middle of many projects that all require attention. I am continually writing songs, designing fight scenes, researching new techniques, translating the scrolls for various masters, reviewing thousands of movements, designing better training programs and of course writing my book. This is all in the process of adjusting to my life in America and filling out mountains of paperwork to bring my wife home.

There are only so many hours in the day but everything thing must be finished. The best way to finish projects at the same time is to prioritize. These projects are going to continue stacking up until I knock some of the bigger projects down. My book so far is a total of 800 pages and rewriting it is quite time consuming. However I must put this onto the front burner so that other activities can take place. I plan to have the rewrite finished by November 11th. (My favorite video game comes out then)

Many other projects rely on the assistance of someone else, just as when I finish my book, publishing it will be a different project. At least once it is finished, I won't have to worry about writing it anymore. The good news is, you're going to love it! It's way cooler than my blog.

The other project on the front burner is training my student to fight in MMA. I  know he is going to do some serious damage and shut up a lot of skeptics about Bagua. The only problem is, I have to really water the movements down so that he doesn't seriously hurt someone. The only problem being the most correct way to do the technique is also the deadliest way to do it. The angles that give the most power are the same angles that break the most bones. As the successor of the style it is not my responsibility to make sure the style is "sport safe." My students will all be given a full blueprint of the style and what they choose to do with it, is there own.