Friday, June 29, 2012

Excuses for Evil

After spending a third of my life in Asia I am having difficulty adjusting to life in the states. Actually I never really "fit in" in the states in the first place, which is one of the greatest factors for me leaving. I grew up fighting with those who hated me because of my skin color. This made me a better martial artists but most importantly it made me aware of the invisible dangers that most individuals pretend not to see. 

It wasn't long before I noticed other kids on the playground that were being picked on for different reasons other than my own. Many of them were nerds, weirdos or just different than the other kids so they attracted the same types of violence that I did. I hated bullies of every kind and I wasn't going to allow anyone to be picked on in front of me for any reason. I attacked the attackers and befriended the victims. At the age of 10 I had already established a group of 20 kids that united together and we all became safe from the bullies that would seek to take advantage of any one of us. 

As I grew older I found that it wasn't necessary to fit in just as long as we supported each other. One day I saw someone's bike being stolen and I made sure those kids would never have an interest in stealing a bike again. I beat them so badly that one of the kids later asked me to teach him martial arts. My only goal was to defend myself and the ones I cared for, but my actions continually expanded our group. 

I hadn't changed much when I got to the university, because that is when we established the Tianwudao. Being older I learned that fighting was limited because problems and bullies were much more organized. How do you fight someone who steals someones house? After all money equals freedom of speech. 

Bullies became corporations and had the law on their side for every circumstance. When I worked at the clothing store for my part time job, I saw that any of the clothes that had a flaw were thrown away into the burn pile. It upset me because I saw so many people just right down the block from the store that needed clothes, shoes or any thing that could help them through the winter.

When I worked in the food industry I saw mounds of food that were thrown away daily with locks on the trash to prevent anyone who was hungry from stealing the food in the garbage. 

As a musician I was told I had to make my lyrics more focused around blings, sex and cars. It wasn't "cool" to talk about the real things that were going on in our lives that might inspire people to see more deeply. We used to rap to tell stories, but it suddenly became more popular to battle and destroy the other person. That is of course more "entertaining".

I competed in martial arts competitions that cheered for us to destroy each other for money, prizes and trophies while killing our bodies and brains. 

It seemed that no matter what I tried to do I was forced to pretend to not see the evil. It was obvious to me that I would never fit in. Leaving the country was the only option that I had. 

When I got to China I never saw a fortune cookie. I never saw any of the things I had heard about in my country about Asia aside from asian people. I definitely never saw communism. I saw a bunch of capitalist doing there best to keep up with the Western world. They were in a hurry to throw out their culture in exchange for greed and material things. I saw millionaires being serviced by the poor just as it  was back at home. 

After nearly a decade I returned to my home just to observe. I am even more of an outsider than I was before, but my training has let me see things much more clearly than I had anticipated. I learned that I have a deep, deep love for Americans. I love Americans so much that I even like the ones that don't like me. What we represent is a miracle for the world to witness. But what we actually are is a group of distracted individuals. The bullies have teamed up and taken everything that we never knew we had.

Our strongest warriors have been convinced that a ball is the only way they will make a living. We will never see their true strength if they stood together to defend the broken communities which they came from.

Our greatest minds have been given an unanswerable political riddle that will actually not have any affect over our immediate lives. They are forced to argue, debate and ponder over false issues when they could change the world with one thought in the right direction.

Scientist try to debate against God, but it was God who made Science. One without the other is the Yin with out the Yang and balance will never be achieved. 

Artists of all types are not given a real place in society, forcing them to scrounge for jobs and eventually sell out. Artists are the ones who teach us to think and see freely. It's no wonder they create terms like "starving artists" in order to scare those from harnessing the power of God. Imagination.

Education systems only teach 2 of the 12 different types of intelligences, putting 5/6 of our children at a learning disadvantage. The rest will have to be medicated because it is unnatural to sit at a desk for 7 hours a day. Especially if you are a child.

All meaning in music and even talent has been taken out so that people would numb their minds with loud and robotic rhythms that can only be enjoyed with the assistance of drugs.

The worst part is I can't say this to anyone unless I put it on my blog. People feel the need to defend the system that they were born into because of the false idea that it is benefiting them. By making the rest of the world look like it's chaos, we feel safe at home in our invisible prison. 

I'm not writing this as a means to point out the bad, but as I way to awaken the good. People some how believe that they are living a good life just because nothing bad is happening. It is the same as not complaining about being in a wrist or ankle lock because the pain has subsided. I understand that it is hard to stand up when everyone else is sitting down. Yet shouldn't we at least stand up for our children who will be born in debt? How will the cycle end if we don't end it ourselves? 

When I taught martial arts to the kids that had been bullied on the playground, I had to first understand why they didn't defend themselves. Some told me that it was because they didn't know how. Others told me it was because they didn't care. The students who became the most powerful were the ones that told me the truth.  "I'm scared." Just as alcoholism, admitting the problem is the first and most important step. 

The truth is that the bullies are more scared of you than you are of them. That is why there is so much being invested in distracting you. Cause if one day you decided to join together with your neighbor, we would be Americans again. You are much more than just a vote. You are a king/queen of your life. Just because you weren't born with as much money as so many that run the country, doesn't mean you should have less freedom. 

Then again what do I know. I don't even fit in. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This blog started as an attempt to express my growth and development within the martial arts. Yet my martial arts growth is going to be affected by both my personal experience, environment and society. As society changes, I change and new discoveries are found within my art, my environment and within every experience. As I continue to harmonize with my environment, I can't help but to notice how out of sync society has become. Now I find myself facing the problem of speaking truth at the offense of those around me. Is it better to let people live happily within their false reality, or should I share the unpleasant truth?

I have been in many different types of dojos and marital arts studios. I am approaching my 29th year of martial training. The things that I have come in contact with over the years would to many seem to be fiction. Yet the more that I train, the harder it is for me to believe that any thing is purely fiction. It also becomes hard for me to believe that anything is purely fact. Because the only thing that we truly have in our short life times on this planet is Faith.

Of course I have faith in God, which is the key to all of my success. But even those who claim to be atheist have faith. Faith is only believing in something that we have never seen before. But when we apply our faith we are able to come into contact with truth.

This is crucial if you wish to become a good martial artist..or a good anything. When the master teaches you a move, you must have faith that the movement is effective. Then you must practice what you have learned with the faith that you will improve. Someone watching martial arts along the side can easily say, "That doesn't really work." Yet the person who practices the technique can feel the power growing within himself. He may never get in a fight within his whole life, but his relationship with the movement has become very real. As real as it is to him, he can not explain it to another person who doesn't practice. This is the same for those who don't pray. If you don't try it, then for you it will never be real. Lack of faith in most cases results in a lack of power.

What is real? Science? Well Science is based off proof and evidence right? Well there is no denying the fact that all "proof" of anything has been handed to us by another. On a planet that is billions of years old, can we really say for certain what is or isn't in our 100 year life span?

You may know that there is a red planet called Mars because you have looked at it in a textbook. We can read all about the temperature changes and possible history on Mars starting from elementary school. Aside from the text books not many of us experience anything that is hands on about Mars. So we have great faith in our textbooks and the people who wrote them. Some more curious individuals take the extra step and actually see Mars through a magnified lens and actually discover that there is in fact a red planet. But in the end when we discuss the findings on Mars, it is a matter of faith in those who are researching it. If you haven't worked at NASA, then you don't really know what is happening on Mars.

So have we been to the moon? Did Michael Jackson molest children? Are there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? All of these questions are a matter of where your faith is. You don't have to be a kung fu master to know right now the majority of all the information you receive comes from TV. Everything you know and learn about countries you have never been to comes from your TV. What China is planning to do or what North Korea said is fed to you while you sit on the sofa eating chips. How many people can actually visit North Korea? How many people actually take the time to learn Korean? (Aside from Koreans of course) Why has TV become a legitimate source of information when pretty much everything on TV isn't reality? Even if there was a hint of truth it would still have to be filtered through the interests of the supporting corporations. Do you have such great faith in corporations?

We can even take a look at something that is obviously fiction....dragons. Stories of dragons have been told across almost every culture in the world. For people in the past, it was actual fact, not stories or legends as they have become now. Even in areas where there were never reptiles there have been stories of scaly, reptilian dragons. We know that dragons don't exist because we have never seen them right? Yet you have probably never even seen Mars, but you believe it exists. If the Earth is billions of years old and you are probably somewhere from 18-60, then there is no way you can be certain that anything has or hasn't existed.

Still we are adamant about the truths that we have been fed. We are 100% certain about things that no one can be certain about. We are arrogant about the tid bits of information that have been fed to us and we fight over the scattered and manipulated details.

This blog started as an attempt to express my growth and development in the martial arts. By pushing myself I began breaking down barriers within myself and my environment. Now I am confronted with a society that I am not sure wants truth. I can only leave clues and metaphors for what is going on because you must voluntarily step through the door of truth. I have faith in you or I wouldn't bother to make an effort to communicate. But I must end this post with a question,

"Do you truly wish to be free from your distractions?"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My teaching method

Before I mentioned my desire to open a school. My greatest passion has always been seeing people come into the understanding of their power. Every persons attributes, strengths and talents are completely different so it is important for a teacher to see his student clearly. I often see people that I don't know who are dripping with potential with different kung fu techniques, weapons and specialties. It sometimes a janitor, a waitress, an athlete or "a nobody".

He is nobody to everyone else, but in my eyes I see he is the deadliest dagger master there has ever been. Looking at him I almost begin drooling while wondering how I can get this guy to hold my daggers. A very simple situation that if done incorrectly can make me look like some kind of pervert. So I tend to keep to myself and use little hints to see if I can spark his interest in training indirectly. This can be done with speaking riddles, or physical riddles.

A physical riddle is something involving placement and timing. By cutting off his path way suddenly, I can get an understanding of how he deals with energy. If he steps back, side ways, pauses, waits or stumbles I will have a great deal of data that can help me initiate his training program.

Of course this isn't how I train my students who I can have a much more deliberate and intimate relationship with. My goal is to find the weakness in my student and show him how to overcome and change it to his favor. The problem he has in training is directly related to the problem he has at work or in his relationship. If his problem is patience, then it is important for him to train the movements that will teach him to control his impatience.

Finding his weakness will also allow me to find his strength. People who are impatient tend to be faster thinkers and can quickly learn dexterity-oriented attacks. Once the student understands the yin and yang, or weakness and strength within he will have received his first seed. The seed itself is already complete and even if he never sees me again, the seed will grow into infinity if they choose to water it. The seed also contains a secret that will blossom to the practitioner that he will be able to yield at anytime. I only want to show you bagua, so that you can learn to be a better fisherman...or whatever.

I tend to give my students names after their energy so that I can remember them easier. I am bad with names, but I am good at remembering energy. The name is usually discovered in the process of trading hands with the student.

Longterm students will more than likely have to be in my area. Don't worry though, I change areas often. Maybe one day I will be where you are. Especially if you know I lot of people who want a lot of Bagua.

I do make personalized DVD's however for anyone who is interested. Reach me on facebook or my gmail  ( and we can discuss what kind of program you are interested in.

When a nobody learns something special, he has the opportunity to see his own infinite potential. The truth is we're all nobodies. What we choose to do or not do is the make up of our reality. So by grabbing a piece of infinity in the physical form, you can later transfer that energy into your relationships, career and everything else you need. Thus begins the era of the warrior scholar. If a student receives enough seeds he becomes a master of his own trade. For example the dagger master that I would train would surpass my ability in daggers in time. As a successor I must always be training everything. This responsibility does not give me the opportunity to become intimate with one weapon. But all of our jobs are different and equally important.

The lawyer who doesn't have time can learn a simple breathing technique that would bring him more power and cunning in the courtroom. You could also be the supermodel who can protect her beauty with a chain whip. (You could even buy a chain whip necklace and wear it to work) But more importantly than you superpowers is that you are actually preserving history. Just by remembering one move, you can let that history survive in you and who you teach it to.

There will never be anything wrong with you learning how to power yourself up. This isn't fighting it is evolving. The chain whip increases eye power. Eye power is exactly what a supermodel needs on the run way. Whatever problem you got, I have the kung fu that can fix it for you. Learning kung fu is not nearly as fun as using it. So take some.

I'm the kung fu doctor, how can I help you?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Slave of Freedoms

(Dave Chappelle NOT ME!)

I made mention a long time ago on my youtube that there were 8864 movements in our style of Bagua. Later I came to find that the actual amount of movements was infinite; an eternal math equation that extends into the universe through the movements of the human body. For years I struggled to understand how to write efficiently with an alphabet that contains an endless amount of letters. It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized that that all of the 10,000's of movements are only variations of one technique. The thousands of techniques all expand from a single point into a grid of thousands of possibilities and then back into one single point again. Meaning that even with millions of options in our training and in our life, there is only one truth.

Trying to train the thousands of movements thousands of times was exhausting and unproductive. Although the techniques all carried the power and logic of Bagua, they were missing their connection to each other and to myself. This made it impossible for me to reach the ultimate goal of our lineage which is endless change, Bagua being a university allows for thousands of different goals just as majors in a university. Yet my path was troubled and uncertain. At the same time I was juggling 5 different jobs and had very little time left for sleep. I was using too much energy in my training and in my life. Luckily I had already learned that any problem I was having in my training would relate to my life. Therefore by solving my training problem, I would solve my work problem.

The jobs I was working were all jobs that I enjoyed. I loved teaching martial arts, writing, performing, acting, teaching dance and every other odd commercial that I was lucky enough to fall into. Yet I began to grit my teeth at the thought of the things that I loved because I was imbalanced.

I decided to walk the circle until things began to make sense. After walking the circle for about an hour, I felt my thighs demand that I stopped my training, but I didn't listen. I ignored the barrage of discomforts that attacked me. I ignored the mosquitoes that gave me extra bumps that stung as my salty, thick sweat ran over them.

Three hours later, I was finally  unable to block out the pain and fell to my knees on the concrete. I had an hour before I had to get on stage and I didn't find the answer I was looking for. This quite naturally made me feel even more disdain about working.

Rapping was something that I had gotten comfortable with over the years in Taiwan. I had learned the key ingredient to making people have fun, was to have fun in front of them. I took shots with everyone, chatted, helped them get into their rhythm. My job was to get people excited. So when they started jumping up and down, that means I could take a rest in a dark shadow.

Something about the training, thoughts or lack of sleep seemed to make this night move in slow motion. I listened to the sounds of a hundred different laughs and shouts. The music, the movement, the atmosphere was filled with thousands of variables. Yet as I sat in a dark corner to catch my breath, the only thing that I could hear was my own heart beat. Just like that, I found the connection between the 10,000 moves and the 1 technique.

The heart is not responsible for every function in the body, yet if the heart stops, the body stops. This is directly related to the training I was looking for in the circle. The circle may not be used for every technique that I needed to practice, but without the circle non of the other techniques could exist. The circle is a single palm strike that never ceases in movement being the link in connecting all techniques.

This came to my mind today because I realize now that people are actually enslaved by their freedom. Freedom to do what ever you want may sound nice at first, but wouldn't you rather have truth? If I am free to do math anyway I please, how would I ever get a correct answer?

In today's society we say "that's his belief". We do this as a way to attempt to accept each others differences. But being politically correct is stripping us from many very simple truths i.e. "spare the rod and spoil the child". Letting kids be free from REAL punishments of their actions is the direct cause of bullying in schools.

When we say it is ok to be greedy, our economy ends up the way it is now. Our society can not find freedom until we first finish our evolution. We still use the lowest Qi chakras in the body: reproduction, control, and pleasure. This means that we will always see all things in terms of only money, sex and power. Money being the only thing that separates us from the animals. If all of our decisions are based on these three concepts, then no matter how much we believe we are free or what education level we may reach, we are still slaves to money, sex and power.

It is the next three Qi Chakras that we must continually reach for: wisdom, unconditional love and non judgement. These are traits that can only be borrowed from God meaning the key to your complete evolution is Christ. It's the one truth among the 10,000 possibilities you are faced with every day. But once you are connected, everything you touch will be blessed.

This is why I don't have to work 5 jobs at the same time and I am still making more progress than I ever desired. My own efforts were a form of me trying to manipulate life into a desired shape of my choosing. Once I stopped trying to succeed I finally succeeded. The only thing I needed to change in all of my thousands of moves was my heart.

Stay in faith

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Sensitivity is such a valuable factor in terms of combat because it allows you to read your opponents every movement. No matter what style your opponent may practice he still has to come in contact with you. By touching any part of the opponents body you can "see" the energy and all opportunities to attack or defend. Listening is the most important form of kung fu.

This means that the true key to victory is not by our sight but by our feeling. This is the exact definition of Faith. The most important factor in being able to sense the next step, is to relax. If you are tense while you are trying to read your opponents movement, then it will be easy for you to be caught off guard. By thinking about your attack you actually make yourself more vulnerable to the fray. This is the same as life. We must be fully at rest in order to experience anything deeply.

Sensitivity training may start at the touch of the opponent, but it later expands into the opponents mind. His expressions, weight distribution and breath all give off a signature of energy. When you learn to relax more deeply you will be able to feel the energy that he brings from a distance away. It is as if you have plugged into the Earth, and your opponent is standing on a grid.

This is because what you are doing in a sense is harmonizing your self with nature. I find in my training now, I am often surrounded by animals. God uses the animals and the environment to speak to me. In fact what I am telling you, is something that was told to me by three animals: the Raven, the Rabbit and the Hawk.

To be at rest among with the many different struggles in our life isn't easy. Life is the opponent that never relents. Just as in any form of combat it is most important to be confident in yourself. The only problem is we are not able to "see" the reasonings for many events in our lives because we only live to be 100 years old on a planet that is billions of years old. As old as this planet is, you are still a part of the plan of the entire universe. Everything you do will affect the next generation to come in ways that we can't even bother to fathom. So to be confident with such a small life span is only arrogance...or ignorance.

This year I have come to understand that it is not be effort that I have gained anything, but by receiving God's gifts I have gained everything. Every plan attempted on my own fumbled, flopped or bombed. Yet through knowing God loved me at all times I have been continually victorious. Our own plans and efforts can be much like tensing up against our opponent. How can we be attentive to now if we are always planning the future.

How do we rest and make progress? This was the secret that the animals taught me.

After I just finished walking the circle I paused to stretch out my legs. While I was stretching a Raven came and did a U-turn right over me. It was such a beautiful turn that it was impossible to miss. Because he changed his direction right over me he seemed to just be floating in mid air for at least a full second before he disappeared. It was as if God said "I want to show you something today."

"Cool". I said to myself while beginning my saber training. Every time I draw my saber the wind begins to blow. It tells me how hard I need to practice today. The gentle breeze lets me know that today my technique must be a subtle symphony. Some times training feels so good that when I finish I break into laughter...or even tears. Of course some people passing by the empty parking lot think I am a crazy person, but I don't let other people's thoughts contaminate my deeper moments.

When I sat down to rest I saw a rabbit run across the road. He stopped and looked at me for about a minute before he decided to jump over into the bushes. Then for no reason at all, I felt compelled to stare into the blue empty sky. In the vast emptiness I saw a speck that looked like a grain of black sand swaying back and forth. It was a hawk that seemed to be miles in the sky just gliding. I watched him perform as he obviously enjoying himself. He wasn't on his way to anywhere, he was just enjoying the wind. I could see that the wind was carrying him, and that he wasn't using any effort of his own.

I then realized why the rabbit jumped into the bushes. While the hawk was at rest he was able to see the whole world clearly. As he rested on God's power, he was able to see every opportunity that would come his way. Faith is trusting the direction of God's wind.

We can and should not fight against the wind or the current of our life. When we are flapping our own wings we are wasting energy and actually moving less effectively. In all arts, we must relax to make real impact.

Confidence in yourself is good, but Godfidence is unlimited. By having faith that because of his love you will receive every thing great, you can relax and enjoy every moment as the hawk.  People who try to control the wind live miserable and unmeaningful lives. Just be a hawk and watch the world from above.

From above we can move freely upon the power of the wind and will find everything in our hearts desire. God is in our hearts and we must tune in to the frequency. Listening is the most important form of kung fu.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Circles

Circle Training  專掌
Wu Dang Fist    武當拳
Combat Apps    本手

Spear                 奇槍,八卦槍
Unlimited Fist    無機拳
Circle Training  專掌

Qing Ping Sword      青苹劍
Movement Research   動作研究
Circle  Training   專掌

Moon Swords               鴛鴦月
Six Connecting Kicks    六合腿
Circle Training 專掌

Saber               臥虎刀,六合刀
Taichi              太極拳
Circle Training  專掌

Rest  (Sabbath)   休息

Movement Research    動作研究
Three Principles Fist     三才拳