Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kung Fu Flux Capacitor

This blog is dedicated to a discovery I made in my training which opened a secret to the universe. I can't directly explain just as my master was unable to directly explain it to me. It can only be discovered in growth, not explanation. But I hope by sharing my recent experience, that maybe I can spark something in you that has been sparked in myself.  

Lately I have been running through the movements of my arsenal, checking my inventory as well as polishing old relics. Sometimes I can't tell if I am training or tomb raiding as I practice a movement hundreds of thousands of times attempting to shake loose the secrets of the technique. Many days I am left with no evidence of progress, only the self satisfaction of being able to say "I trained today."

Progress can be as invisible as God, but in both cases it is faith that gives me the strength for the next day. Three days ago the weather was so cold that not even my Qi was able to stop the painful freezing of the blood in my fingertips. After two hours my hands hurt so much that I became nauseous. I ran home and laid on my bed shaking. The only thing keeping me from passing out was the blistering agony on my cheeks and palms. My eyes filled with tears as I prayed for the pain to subside. Some workouts are loaded with pain, but still no apparent progress.

Today when I woke up it seemed to be the most ordinary of days. After work, I found an empty parking lot and prepared for the most ordinary of workouts. Sometimes in the martial arts world, we can go years without ever getting a glimpse of our invisible progress. But there are other times, that years of practice and persistence can all come to life and create the spark that you have been looking for. This spark was probably helped along by an old Bruce Lee video, advice from the master, some irritating youtube critics and maybe even a bad sandwich, but some how my eyes have opened again for the first time. I have learned the secret of remembering what is forgotten daily. 

The secret of the universe is actually not a secret at all. We see it, touch it and feel it everyday. In fact the misunderstanding of it is what has created many of the problems in our society to date. It doesn't matter what type of kung fu you practice: martial arts, teaching, singing, politics, business etc, all things that have been created carry the same signature. Every creature and plant on the Earth must have both a male and female. Just as every technique, no matter what style, must carry the principles of Yin and Yang. 

This is an obvious truth and hardly a discovery. But when I looked deeper into the 64 palms I was able to see a reflection of all of the martial arts. All of the arts from Praying Mantis to MMA can fall into two categories:  "Perfection of Movement" and "The Reality of Combat".

Styles that emphasize the perfection of movement are focused on the science of balance, speed, power and of course Qi. By mastering the movements you connect yourself into the Earth and release your buried human potential. This is a lifetime of practice and understanding that acts as a mirror for oneself, bringing clarity and peace. 

The styles that fall in to the "Reality of Combat" are more focused on timing, spacing and the ability to defeat an opponent. The technique you use isn't as important as taking out the enemy. Even an incorrect technique at the right time is correct if it brings victory. I've known many excellent fighters that were not martial artist, but just mean enough and determined enough to beat anyone they came across. 

You can find countless debates online of these two types of martial artist continually arguing about which is better. It is the same as trying to argue that Yin is better than Yang, when they are both part of a necessary circle that is designed to help you find direction. 

The benefits of perfecting yourself are countless, but one of the most important factors that is developed is the humility. Through continuing to challenge yourself through the perfection of movements you learn humility which is the root of power. In a sense you are training out your weakness and you are able to see your personal demons up close. Whether it's arrogance, a lack of patience or a bad temper, you will weed it out through training your techniques daily. 

The benefits of combat are also countless. What could be more important than being able to protect your own life? In combat it is more important to know the weakness of your enemy than to know your own. Through combat you learn timing, courage and killer instinct. Yet physical combat is only the first most primitive level of survival. Getting an education, performing or keeping a good job is also a form of combat. It take great courage to approach the person that you secretly admire and your first conversation is nothing less than romantic combat.

To develop oneself is power. The art of combat is skill. Of course you see a bit of one inside the other just as any Yin and Yang diagram. If you only spend your time perfecting your technique, much like many of the monks in the temple, you may never experience the benefits of using your power, which brings joy. If you spend your time only focused on combat, then you will spend your whole life never knowing yourself or power. 

The disconnection is much deeper and older than just the martial arts. It is the reason that we have an education system that punishes students rather than encouraging their creativity. It is also the reason many religions teach guilt instead of love. We live in a society that wishes to be entertained and not involved. When the truth is nothing is more entertaining than being involved. We care mostly for the success of our self and we're unconcerned with the success of our neighbor even though it's directly connected. Many people are trapped in themselves and unable to perceive the truth of the world. Others are trapped in the world and unable to perceive the truth and power in themselves. 

This disconnection began back when Adam sinned and the Earth became separate from Heaven. Our bodies were created from dust and our souls from breath making us the only living contradiction on the planet. Who you truly are is your soul, but your body is where you live. Therefore it is crucial that you do not make decisions based on your flesh for it is limited. Yet your soul's time on the Earth is determined by the caring of your body. Why better yourself if you refuse to be involved in the world? Why be so involved in the world if you refuse to better yourself? 

If you continually prepare with out purpose, you will find yourself in danger of quitting before you begin your quest. If you continue to chase purpose without preparation and understanding of self, you are in danger of losing yourself in one of a number of societies meaningless forms of "success". Train so that you may know yourself, fight so you may change the world. Never let a day go by that you don't improve and never fight in a battle that means nothing to you. 

When these two elements have truly been combined in your life you will find that you know longer fit into any of the Earthly categories. Yes I am American, I am black, I am a martial artist and I am a Christian. Though technically I fit into all of these categories, the truth is I am nothing like any of them on the most basic level. I will live in any country that I am called to and take on pieces of every culture that appeal to me. If you find yourself saying, " I don't do that because it's not my culture" you may be strangling the only chance you have of learning the true you. If you continue to say that you live in the best country in the world, but have yet to go anywhere else, you are smothering yourself in ignorance. You are more than any category that you have been placed in and do not be limited by the fears of being different. 

You are free and the world is yours. You may eat freely the fruit from any tree. By putting limitations on your abilities, ideas or opportunities, you are putting limitations on God's love for you. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saying is Believing

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Living in China, it makes it tough to get on any sites that are related to google, which includes my blog. In addition I have been involved in a numerous amount of new career changes and developments that have been like a dream come true. As things solidify, I will post news and information about it when I can. If you haven't already seen it, here is a new show I am hosting titled "Kung Fu Hunter"

The last year of my life I reached an amazing revelation about effort vs. faith. I have always believed that God was there for me and I had to earn my blessings through hard work, study and focus. I exhausted myself through using every talent and avenue that I could find. It wasn't until I came into a time of rest, that I had true clarity on how to receive the desires of my heart. The truth is there is nothing that can be done to earn God's favor. Just like you can never be strong enough to pick yourself up in the air. All effort in a sense is only vanity.

The truth is by having faith that God knows your heart's desires and trusting in his plan we find rest. With rest comes the ability to enjoy every moment of your life with never having to worry about tomorrow. When we rest, God works, when we work, God rests. When I went back to America to spend time with my family it seemed to be the farthest direction from any plan that I had known. Yet I knew it was important for me to have family time, I also knew that what I was doing wasn't working.
I rested upon God's power as the eagle does the wind. Before I was an eagle trying to create the wind with my own wings. While in my rest, opportunity hunted me down from all directions.

Believing in your heart what you will do is more important than trying to do it. As a human being this is the opposite of how we function. We feel that seeing is believing. Yet when the world was created God said "let there be light" before light was born. What he was seeing at the time was darkness. If God uses faith to create, why should we be any different? If you are in a time that things seem dark then it is most important for you to say there will be light. You must see it in your mind, then say it and it will be so.

The problem being that society is so focused on darkness. At all times we are hearing news about death, murder, loss or the end of the world. Movies mostly illustrate violence and obscene language. With this darkness ringing in your ears how can you imagine light for yourself? After hearing these things it becomes all that people talk about and of course it will only happen more frequently. The most important kung fu is to free your mind from the prison of darkness. Through routine practicing of skills and techniques you can spark the light within yourself. But it is crucial that you don't practice for any type of destination or goal. Practice out of love and the goal will come to you.

I know that many people believe that positive thinking is enough to get yourself into a better mood and a better situation, but this is only partially true. Even Jesus had to tell people they were healed before they were. Just as him you must rebuke the storm in your life verbally. It must be said out loud. "I am healthy", "I am financially well off", " I am a kung fu master".

Saying these words is just the same as planting seeds in the universe that put you on your path. If you say other things like "I hope I don't get in trouble, "life sucks" "get ready for the zombie apocalypse". You are creating a darker future for yourself that you are sure to meet with if you say these words repetitiously. It's sad that our culture is addicted to such dark words. "This food is so good I could die." Disrespect and sarcasm may be said with a light heart, but you may actually be cursing those around you indirectly. Today when we hear positive words we associate them with corny or cheesy, which is why we are currently living in a fad of death.

Every word that God says is eternal because he does not live inside time. What he says is in the past, present and the future. When he created Adam from dust, he breathed life into him. Dust is the food of the serpent which is why our body will continually deteriorate through time as we are eaten away at by life. Yet the true you is God's breath which is eternal. Even Einstein said that energy can never die, but only change form.

Whether you know him or not you will live on forever, the question is where you will live. Because I haven't died I don't want to get into all of the details of what happens after death. But being scared of death is just as unreasonable as being scared of birth. It is the only thing that everyone is going to have to do one day. It is also the basis of all of our fears. If not for ourselves, then for someone we love and care about. Most people who are not scared to die, are scared to live.

The first step to having more joy in your life, is to speak "life" and speak it abundantly. Just as we train our techniques we do not rehearse and practice getting hit. We practice defense and attack so that we learn to stop flinching at every movement that comes at us. We must learn to stop flinching and overreacting at every news report that we see. Stand firm in knowing that whatever comes your way you will overcome it and become stronger.

The next and most important step is to not put limitations on God's love for you. He gave Adam and Eve the entire world so that they may freely eat from every tree. It doesn't matter if you are a martial artist, lawyer, doctor or businessman, you are to freely enjoy the fruits of life. The roads in heaven are made of gold. Do you think he doesn't want you to have wealth? But when the serpent approached Eve his intention was to make God look selfish. The rule at the time, much like today, was only intended for protection. But if you speak things like, God doesn't want you to have these things or God doesn't answer those types of prayers. You are putting limitations on his ability to provide for you. Whatever you ask him for, he will exceed. If you ask for a lot, he will give you a lot more.

I know there are probably a great deal of non-believers that read my blog and I fully welcome you. I have nothing but love for all of you and respect your decisions on how you live your life. But allow me to make a crude illustration of how God works.

Let's say you made a whole bunch of voice activated dolls that you are going to sell for Christmas. Somewhere along the assembly line there was a malfunction and many of the dolls aren't functioning properly. How do you know which ones are working and which ones aren't? Well the most logical way  would be to ask them to "come". The ones that come are working properly, that ones that don't still need fixing.

I know this differs from the usually mostly kung fu related articles I right, but I fear we are coming upon a time that most people will tell you is dark. This is the time for our light to shine brightest, for ourselves and also for those who are lost in darkness. We are the light of the world.  I know you will be blessed, safe and joyful all the days of your life. Now you just need to practice saying it aloud.