Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kung Fu Flux Capacitor

This blog is dedicated to a discovery I made in my training which opened a secret to the universe. I can't directly explain just as my master was unable to directly explain it to me. It can only be discovered in growth, not explanation. But I hope by sharing my recent experience, that maybe I can spark something in you that has been sparked in myself.  

Lately I have been running through the movements of my arsenal, checking my inventory as well as polishing old relics. Sometimes I can't tell if I am training or tomb raiding as I practice a movement hundreds of thousands of times attempting to shake loose the secrets of the technique. Many days I am left with no evidence of progress, only the self satisfaction of being able to say "I trained today."

Progress can be as invisible as God, but in both cases it is faith that gives me the strength for the next day. Three days ago the weather was so cold that not even my Qi was able to stop the painful freezing of the blood in my fingertips. After two hours my hands hurt so much that I became nauseous. I ran home and laid on my bed shaking. The only thing keeping me from passing out was the blistering agony on my cheeks and palms. My eyes filled with tears as I prayed for the pain to subside. Some workouts are loaded with pain, but still no apparent progress.

Today when I woke up it seemed to be the most ordinary of days. After work, I found an empty parking lot and prepared for the most ordinary of workouts. Sometimes in the martial arts world, we can go years without ever getting a glimpse of our invisible progress. But there are other times, that years of practice and persistence can all come to life and create the spark that you have been looking for. This spark was probably helped along by an old Bruce Lee video, advice from the master, some irritating youtube critics and maybe even a bad sandwich, but some how my eyes have opened again for the first time. I have learned the secret of remembering what is forgotten daily. 

The secret of the universe is actually not a secret at all. We see it, touch it and feel it everyday. In fact the misunderstanding of it is what has created many of the problems in our society to date. It doesn't matter what type of kung fu you practice: martial arts, teaching, singing, politics, business etc, all things that have been created carry the same signature. Every creature and plant on the Earth must have both a male and female. Just as every technique, no matter what style, must carry the principles of Yin and Yang. 

This is an obvious truth and hardly a discovery. But when I looked deeper into the 64 palms I was able to see a reflection of all of the martial arts. All of the arts from Praying Mantis to MMA can fall into two categories:  "Perfection of Movement" and "The Reality of Combat".

Styles that emphasize the perfection of movement are focused on the science of balance, speed, power and of course Qi. By mastering the movements you connect yourself into the Earth and release your buried human potential. This is a lifetime of practice and understanding that acts as a mirror for oneself, bringing clarity and peace. 

The styles that fall in to the "Reality of Combat" are more focused on timing, spacing and the ability to defeat an opponent. The technique you use isn't as important as taking out the enemy. Even an incorrect technique at the right time is correct if it brings victory. I've known many excellent fighters that were not martial artist, but just mean enough and determined enough to beat anyone they came across. 

You can find countless debates online of these two types of martial artist continually arguing about which is better. It is the same as trying to argue that Yin is better than Yang, when they are both part of a necessary circle that is designed to help you find direction. 

The benefits of perfecting yourself are countless, but one of the most important factors that is developed is the humility. Through continuing to challenge yourself through the perfection of movements you learn humility which is the root of power. In a sense you are training out your weakness and you are able to see your personal demons up close. Whether it's arrogance, a lack of patience or a bad temper, you will weed it out through training your techniques daily. 

The benefits of combat are also countless. What could be more important than being able to protect your own life? In combat it is more important to know the weakness of your enemy than to know your own. Through combat you learn timing, courage and killer instinct. Yet physical combat is only the first most primitive level of survival. Getting an education, performing or keeping a good job is also a form of combat. It take great courage to approach the person that you secretly admire and your first conversation is nothing less than romantic combat.

To develop oneself is power. The art of combat is skill. Of course you see a bit of one inside the other just as any Yin and Yang diagram. If you only spend your time perfecting your technique, much like many of the monks in the temple, you may never experience the benefits of using your power, which brings joy. If you spend your time only focused on combat, then you will spend your whole life never knowing yourself or power. 

The disconnection is much deeper and older than just the martial arts. It is the reason that we have an education system that punishes students rather than encouraging their creativity. It is also the reason many religions teach guilt instead of love. We live in a society that wishes to be entertained and not involved. When the truth is nothing is more entertaining than being involved. We care mostly for the success of our self and we're unconcerned with the success of our neighbor even though it's directly connected. Many people are trapped in themselves and unable to perceive the truth of the world. Others are trapped in the world and unable to perceive the truth and power in themselves. 

This disconnection began back when Adam sinned and the Earth became separate from Heaven. Our bodies were created from dust and our souls from breath making us the only living contradiction on the planet. Who you truly are is your soul, but your body is where you live. Therefore it is crucial that you do not make decisions based on your flesh for it is limited. Yet your soul's time on the Earth is determined by the caring of your body. Why better yourself if you refuse to be involved in the world? Why be so involved in the world if you refuse to better yourself? 

If you continually prepare with out purpose, you will find yourself in danger of quitting before you begin your quest. If you continue to chase purpose without preparation and understanding of self, you are in danger of losing yourself in one of a number of societies meaningless forms of "success". Train so that you may know yourself, fight so you may change the world. Never let a day go by that you don't improve and never fight in a battle that means nothing to you. 

When these two elements have truly been combined in your life you will find that you know longer fit into any of the Earthly categories. Yes I am American, I am black, I am a martial artist and I am a Christian. Though technically I fit into all of these categories, the truth is I am nothing like any of them on the most basic level. I will live in any country that I am called to and take on pieces of every culture that appeal to me. If you find yourself saying, " I don't do that because it's not my culture" you may be strangling the only chance you have of learning the true you. If you continue to say that you live in the best country in the world, but have yet to go anywhere else, you are smothering yourself in ignorance. You are more than any category that you have been placed in and do not be limited by the fears of being different. 

You are free and the world is yours. You may eat freely the fruit from any tree. By putting limitations on your abilities, ideas or opportunities, you are putting limitations on God's love for you. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saying is Believing

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Living in China, it makes it tough to get on any sites that are related to google, which includes my blog. In addition I have been involved in a numerous amount of new career changes and developments that have been like a dream come true. As things solidify, I will post news and information about it when I can. If you haven't already seen it, here is a new show I am hosting titled "Kung Fu Hunter"

The last year of my life I reached an amazing revelation about effort vs. faith. I have always believed that God was there for me and I had to earn my blessings through hard work, study and focus. I exhausted myself through using every talent and avenue that I could find. It wasn't until I came into a time of rest, that I had true clarity on how to receive the desires of my heart. The truth is there is nothing that can be done to earn God's favor. Just like you can never be strong enough to pick yourself up in the air. All effort in a sense is only vanity.

The truth is by having faith that God knows your heart's desires and trusting in his plan we find rest. With rest comes the ability to enjoy every moment of your life with never having to worry about tomorrow. When we rest, God works, when we work, God rests. When I went back to America to spend time with my family it seemed to be the farthest direction from any plan that I had known. Yet I knew it was important for me to have family time, I also knew that what I was doing wasn't working.
I rested upon God's power as the eagle does the wind. Before I was an eagle trying to create the wind with my own wings. While in my rest, opportunity hunted me down from all directions.

Believing in your heart what you will do is more important than trying to do it. As a human being this is the opposite of how we function. We feel that seeing is believing. Yet when the world was created God said "let there be light" before light was born. What he was seeing at the time was darkness. If God uses faith to create, why should we be any different? If you are in a time that things seem dark then it is most important for you to say there will be light. You must see it in your mind, then say it and it will be so.

The problem being that society is so focused on darkness. At all times we are hearing news about death, murder, loss or the end of the world. Movies mostly illustrate violence and obscene language. With this darkness ringing in your ears how can you imagine light for yourself? After hearing these things it becomes all that people talk about and of course it will only happen more frequently. The most important kung fu is to free your mind from the prison of darkness. Through routine practicing of skills and techniques you can spark the light within yourself. But it is crucial that you don't practice for any type of destination or goal. Practice out of love and the goal will come to you.

I know that many people believe that positive thinking is enough to get yourself into a better mood and a better situation, but this is only partially true. Even Jesus had to tell people they were healed before they were. Just as him you must rebuke the storm in your life verbally. It must be said out loud. "I am healthy", "I am financially well off", " I am a kung fu master".

Saying these words is just the same as planting seeds in the universe that put you on your path. If you say other things like "I hope I don't get in trouble, "life sucks" "get ready for the zombie apocalypse". You are creating a darker future for yourself that you are sure to meet with if you say these words repetitiously. It's sad that our culture is addicted to such dark words. "This food is so good I could die." Disrespect and sarcasm may be said with a light heart, but you may actually be cursing those around you indirectly. Today when we hear positive words we associate them with corny or cheesy, which is why we are currently living in a fad of death.

Every word that God says is eternal because he does not live inside time. What he says is in the past, present and the future. When he created Adam from dust, he breathed life into him. Dust is the food of the serpent which is why our body will continually deteriorate through time as we are eaten away at by life. Yet the true you is God's breath which is eternal. Even Einstein said that energy can never die, but only change form.

Whether you know him or not you will live on forever, the question is where you will live. Because I haven't died I don't want to get into all of the details of what happens after death. But being scared of death is just as unreasonable as being scared of birth. It is the only thing that everyone is going to have to do one day. It is also the basis of all of our fears. If not for ourselves, then for someone we love and care about. Most people who are not scared to die, are scared to live.

The first step to having more joy in your life, is to speak "life" and speak it abundantly. Just as we train our techniques we do not rehearse and practice getting hit. We practice defense and attack so that we learn to stop flinching at every movement that comes at us. We must learn to stop flinching and overreacting at every news report that we see. Stand firm in knowing that whatever comes your way you will overcome it and become stronger.

The next and most important step is to not put limitations on God's love for you. He gave Adam and Eve the entire world so that they may freely eat from every tree. It doesn't matter if you are a martial artist, lawyer, doctor or businessman, you are to freely enjoy the fruits of life. The roads in heaven are made of gold. Do you think he doesn't want you to have wealth? But when the serpent approached Eve his intention was to make God look selfish. The rule at the time, much like today, was only intended for protection. But if you speak things like, God doesn't want you to have these things or God doesn't answer those types of prayers. You are putting limitations on his ability to provide for you. Whatever you ask him for, he will exceed. If you ask for a lot, he will give you a lot more.

I know there are probably a great deal of non-believers that read my blog and I fully welcome you. I have nothing but love for all of you and respect your decisions on how you live your life. But allow me to make a crude illustration of how God works.

Let's say you made a whole bunch of voice activated dolls that you are going to sell for Christmas. Somewhere along the assembly line there was a malfunction and many of the dolls aren't functioning properly. How do you know which ones are working and which ones aren't? Well the most logical way  would be to ask them to "come". The ones that come are working properly, that ones that don't still need fixing.

I know this differs from the usually mostly kung fu related articles I right, but I fear we are coming upon a time that most people will tell you is dark. This is the time for our light to shine brightest, for ourselves and also for those who are lost in darkness. We are the light of the world.  I know you will be blessed, safe and joyful all the days of your life. Now you just need to practice saying it aloud.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Day by Day

(This was an answer I gave to Micheal, who was wondering how to keep training forms with out growing stale. Thanks Micheal. All of your questions make my blog better.)

Well much like the bicep curl, even though you do the same movement, the result is different. Repetition is like continually filling a large vase with a drop or two of water a day. Doing the same forms may not exhaust your body, but it will most certainly exhaust your brain...followed by your spirit.
So what I do is think of the movements of a form like parts of a car. Sometimes it's best to isolate a single movement from the form and then place on the workbench so that it can be examined. Examining each movement under the lens of purpose. When you understand the purpose of the movement you can begin field testing it in other scenarios.
For example take a single strike that you need to practice from the form. Then surround yourself with targets i.e. swinging heavy backs, fruit, falling leaves, shooting tennis balls, bubbles etc.
Using the same single technique to attack multiple possibilities is not only good for repetition, it is also pretty fun. You won't even remember how tedious the move is when you are defending your life from angry bees. (I do not support attacking bees....but sometimes sh#@ happens)
No matter what the technique is, it must be adjustable for varying surfaces, heights, environments as well as angles of trajectory. What if you have to do the movement against someone taller, shorter, in a phone booth, under a table, on loose gravel, or wet grass? Testing each possibility of movement gives you a better understanding of the energy and also more advantages against your attackers. Practicing on ice for only a winter will give you a significant advantage against someone whose never had to fight on ice before. Then you are able to lure people into your areas of specialization and batman. 
This is the most obvious form of isolating a movement. But it can also be done in other ways. When you isolate a movement and place it on the work bench, you are examining the energy of the move. When using "peng" or the extorting palm, we can see that the purpose of this movement is to first deflect, and then invite in order to off balance my target. So the signature of the move is Deflect and Invite in order to off balance my opponent.
By taking the roots of this energy you can use this attack while you are having a conversation with your boss. Of course in the internal arts the more subtle the more powerful. So when he asks you to do something you don't want to do, deflect it...but just barely. Then invite it in from another angle that favors you, but still appears to be favoring him. You will find yourself in a better position when you use the right technique at the right time. Though it seems like a different function, it is the exact same technique. By using the technique in more forms than just physical, you will add almost a magic enhancement to the attack. This is because every physical movement must first be processed through the mind. So the more ways the mind has seen it, the better it is at performing it physically. 
Take a move and isolate it on the workbench and you can do anything. Practicing the forms again and again is like trying to hack the energy signatures into your brain. Tons of code that has to be deciphered and eventually organized and then reorganized. Putting it on the workbench is where we can really find our specializations. I told you an example of how to use Peng in a conversation, but you could also use the same energy signature of deflecting and inviting for painting a picture, feeding a child, walking the dog, writing a poem or finding a job. Let your mind fantasize deeply into the technique because it is what will bind you to your purpose. 
Also you can take the technique and map out alternative pathways both before and after the movement. What happens if you use a low kick before the peng stirke? Or an overhand elbow afterwards? You can use the technique as the period at the end of the sentence, firing multiple attacks and ending it with the technique. You could also use the technique as an feint or opener it a variation of different combinations. If "A" is the technique we wish to practice, then we can use "A-C-C-T" or "T-C-C-A. Arrange the attacks or defenses in as many ways as possible, but just don't take the "A" out. This is probably one of the most and important but overlooked pieces of combat preparation. It is also repetition that doesn't feel like repetition. We may be very efficient at a technique, but are unable to find a launching point for it. Using varying possibilities before and after the attack, create a series of smooth paved roads for the most unpredictable situation. 
Of course every technique can also be used with a weapon so when you are practicing technique "A" see what happens when you grab a pipe, sword, rope, or jacket to use it as a weapon or a shield. Then begin asking yourself questions: Can I do this technique on the run? Can I get up from the ground and use this technique? Can I use this technique on the ground? What is the most lethal way to use this technique? What is the most non lethal way? Is this technique good against 5 opponents?
You can isolate several movements from the form and reorganize them for the day, week or month. We should feel that we own the form and that the form doesn't own us. It is our blueprint to do what we wish and desire. 
There is nothing more important than repetition. But repetition that doesn't change is unnatural because everything in our universe is changing. So it is up to our minds, to teach our bodies, how to change our practice without changing the signature of the movement.
Learning to do the same form again and again is much like learning to love someone day to day. It is easy to find something or something new, but easy in terms of love and kung fu is never powerful. We must learn to see the one's we love through refreshed and renewed eyes, so that we never take for granted how much they mean to us. Love is a gift, just like your forms. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All crews keep training

Every major transition in my life is naturally accompanied with a major transition or understanding of myself through my art. My training has acted as a compass that helps me find my next spot on the map of my kung fu quest. My goal ultimately is to use bagua as a medicine, tool or weapon to help those in need defeat their personal enemy. Any master can only plant the seed and it us up to the student to continue watering the movements through practice, meditation and research. I hope to use modern technology to my advantage in order to spread Bagua to as many people as possible through the course of my lifetime. This means that I don't know how long I will be able to linger in any one place at any given time. But every place I do touch, I will teach to whoever wants to learn. In the end of course there will be a school for the Tianwudao, or all martial artist that wish to unite for the purposes of learning, training and developing.

In addition I'd like to make some comments to some students that I haven't seen in a while.

Within our period of training I was able to give you a complete system mechanics whether it was weapon specialization, combat, energy training, military tactics, aerobic, self-defense or whatever. You know who you are. What you already have is enough information that you will be able to grow into a master of your own through time. Of course this raises the ultimate kung fu question, "How do I stay motivated for the next 50 years?"

I'm so glad you asked.

Do you think that I wake up excited about training the same movements everyday? When the rain is heavy and the air is freezing, it is so much easier to stay in the cozy womb of blankets. Winter is upon us and it becomes easier and easier to put off workouts and shorten practice time. For the sake of the super hero inside of you, don't give in.

The problem of motivation isn't related to the weather at all. It also isn't related to your age, mood, situation, finance or any of the things that it seems to be. For example if it's freezing outside, would that stop you from seeing the new big film you've been waiting for? If you just broke up with your girl friend would you stop paying your bills? Even when we have no time at all, we still waste so much of it thinking about how much time we don't have. Self-motivation is not at all related to your situation, it is related to your thinking which ultimately affects your willpower.

Why is it that you can go to a job you hate for 9 hours and can't make yourself do something beneficial for your actual being? It's because you have crippled yourself with the idea of having a choice. If you don't go to work, you get fired. If you don't can train later. This may seem to be an innocent thought but it is a poison that will in time erode your dream entirely.

Ok that's the first half of the problem. I know some of you seeing this may already start feeling guilty about some of the training that you have been putting off. DON"T! Guilt is directly related to sin. If you feel bad about something, you are definitely going to it again. You could say guilt is the Yin and sin is the Yang. You are never going to get motivated by being hard on yourself. (At least not for very long) Motivation derived from guilt is only going to make you go out and train real hard for a period....then your done. It's like those diets that don't work because no one can stick to them.

The true solution lies in taking away the choice. Just the same way that today you need to eat food. It doesn't matter how busy you get, you have to eat something. Would you like to eat the same cornflakes of every meal of every day? Of course not, so you have to continually and completely change the flavor of your training. If you practice the same move in a thousand different places, it will have a thousand different seasonings. But more importantly you have to stop separating your training from your interest because your interest are who you really are. Here are some ideas that might help you see my point

-Use kung fu posture to do your chores.
-Use a horse stance from time to time if you have a desk job (no one ever notices you aren't sitting)
-Reward your self for 5 straight days in a row.
-Train in places that you already love to see.
-Try out some of the crazy ideas that you think are only for books and movies. Nothings impossible.
-Create an obstacle course. ( I love cutting through melons while running with sharp objects)
-Buy a new article of clothing when you master a new movement.
-Give your weapons names and birthdays and take them out to celebrate.
-Teach a stranger one move.
-Write a martial arts article about something you wish to know about.
-Cut falling leaves and snowflakes
-When ever you get a spontaneous idea, go with it!
-Take a road trip and practice at every scenery that intrigues you.
-Figure out the best way to create or purchase weapons.
-Give your self an impossible challenge every month...and beat it.
-Train on ice, loose gravel or high corn fields.
-Climb a mountain and then train on the tip.
-Take a camping trip with only your sword and throwing knives for food.

If you are always seeing your training as cornflakes, then you are gonna get sick of it real quick. Just think of all the different ways that you can cook a chicken. You training is only limited to your imagination. In music there is only eight notes, but how many different styles of music and songs are there? You don't need anymore movements, you just need more ways to explore them. I can teach you martial arts, but I can't teach you to enjoy your life. Martial arts is a part of your life and your joy comes from appreciating every gift that God has given you.

For those of you who are still waiting for DVD's. Fear not. The time is upon us. I am finally adjusted and living in China. Yes, I am super busy, but nothing comes before passing on Bagua baby.

Right now I have begun teaching the crew in Beijing. It will probably be a few months and then I will swing back around to where you are. But when I do come back I'm bringing a lot of new stuff that can only be done if you have been working on the old stuff. So all crews in all areas need to keep training. Not just for me and you, but the sake of the future of kung fu is in your hands.

And if you don't practice, you're fired.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hide and Seek

When I was 5 years old my father instructed me to do some training that I wasn't particularly fond of. The details aren't important but you could say that it was an emphasis on my weakness and how to "train it out". I trained every day for at least two hours, but it seemed that I never had enough time for my weakness. Truth be told it wasn't a matter of time, it was a matter of pain. The weaker areas of the body begin screaming in agony after only a few seconds of exercising them. In fact it's so discouraging that the training eventually becomes completely overlooked.

This happens easily because everything else that I continued to practice was always getting better. I spent the next 25 years enjoying and mastering my strengths. It wasn't until about 7 years ago that the master told me all of my strengths were being affected by my weakness. He told me that the only way that I would be able to improve, was by doing the exercises my father told me to do when I was 5 years old!

How does this happen? How do we become so consumed within ourselves that we miss the very thing that is holding us back? Is it because of the pain? Daily we are confronted with things that are far more painful than dealing with our own weakness. No it isn't only because of the unpleasantness of dealing with your flaws. The real problem is that your flaws have a funny way of making you believe they are part of your person. We end up not only accepting our weakness, but defending it as we would a close relative.

Sometimes our weakness hides among our culture, education or even our church. It hides between the tiny false separations that we create for ourselves and our way of life.

The other day I was talking to an older woman who was continually nervous and anxious about everything. Her position at work requires her to get a lot of things done within a timely fashion so it sends her into a continual frenzy. I watched as the nervous energy is misread as rudeness and frustration by all the people she encounters. Her nervous habits make her more forceful when she speaks which tends to make people want to work against her rather than help her. She is too busy to remember to smile and too worried to enjoy the little blessings of her daily life.

"You know that the more that you have to do in a day, the more important it is to relax. It's the same as kung fu. A complex motion must be more relaxed in order to do it correctly." I said to her as she finished cursing out the window at a passing car.

"Foreigners don't understand Chinese culture." She said to me as an attempt to blow me off.

There were a thousand things I could have said to defend my statement, but I felt today wouldn't be a productive attack. I watched her get in fights with 5 different Chinese people in the same day. Her nervous energy was not only attacking her social interaction, but also her body and mind as well. There is no emotion that is not somehow reflected in the body. When you are sad you lower your head putting pressure on your neck, when you are nervous you tense up misplacing the alignment of your joints, when you are scared your heart races and when you are angry it pounds.

All of these actions will slowly affect your internal system causing you to get sick, have body pain, vertebrae misalignment and eventually death.  Every negative emotion that we hold on to is not only bad for our day, it is literally killing you. If you stop worrying about getting sick, you will spend a lot less money on medicine.

But instead of dealing with this weakness, she chose to do what I did in my training for so many years and just ignore it. The truth is if you never acknowledge your weakness you have no chance of ever conquering it. There are many places where the weakness will hide itself.

"You just don't understand my sense of humor"
"This is the way Americans talk"
"You don't understand my meaning"
"You're missing the point"
"It's just business"

The phrases that your weakness could hide behind are actually infinite. So before you are able to locate it you must ask yourself a serious question, "Do I want to become better?"
If you are not willing to answer this question, then there is no need in trying to locate your weakness. It will just hide behind some other situation and you will end up blaming those who are trying to help you. But if you truly do wish to overcome this ongoing problem then the best thing to do is close your eyes and ask Jesus to be the strength in your weakness.

Are you too proud to ask for help? Then you have already located your weakness. It's funny how it's so difficult to close your eyes and ask for help when no one is around. Such an easy thing to do, but we can ignore it for our entire lives. That is the funny thing about weaknesses. If you never deal with them, they will always control you. You won't grow out of it!

I eventually started doing the training that my father asked me to do almost 30 years ago. It's funny how I had been ignoring it my whole life and it only took my about 3 weeks to overcome it. Now everything is better and I have gone after my other weaknesses as well. For so long they pretended to be a part of my person and my technique. After one month of effort I feel younger than I ever have. In fact many pains that I thought were growing pains were due to the over balance in my muscles in my body brought on by ignoring this weakness.

By ignoring our weakness we give it power and let it reign over our being.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Whole World?

I was sitting at starbucks catching up on some of the latest kung fu novels that I love so much when a few MMA guys sat in the seat right behind me. They had just finished a recent fight and were trading war stories about the different events that took place during their fight.

"I think my eardrum is busted." One of them said while looking at the other three.

"Stop complaining, you only think your eardrum is busted, I KNOW my ribs are broke." The other one said while they all snickered.

They listed off different personal injuries and even made mention of some other fighters who weren't there that happened to be knocked out or beaten to a pulp. I listened and I felt bad for them as I turned and asked, "How long do you guys plan on doing martial arts?"

"Oh it is just a young man's sport." One of them said. "The longest anyone can survive is about 10 years." One of the stronger men responded as the starbucks waitress brought him a bag of ice for his elbow.

I felt propelled to look up some of the stats of other fighters who people titled as the best martial artists in the world. Normally a statement like that might make me feel a little upset or irritated, but now I found myself only filled with sorrow and sadness. These people participate in martial arts for ten years and then they retire? That's not even enough time to get good. The worst part is they don't only retire from the sport, looking at the list of injuries they are retiring from exercise all together. They leave the sport much worse than as they came in. The art of destroying yourself.

But continually you will hear them claim that some new young fighter is the best in the world even though he has only trained for 3 years. He will only last until his injuries add up and then he will be retired as well. Even the champions walk around with limps and bad hips. Can you even win?

I usually do my best to understand the different paths that we all choose to take in our life, especially in regards to martial arts, but I have to draw the line somewhere and just say it. "This is not a martial art."

I know there are many different forms and styles of arts through out the history of time. I even count boxing and wrestling as a martial art. Yet the goal of martial arts in my mind is to teach the individual to protect themselves from danger. If you can not protect yourself from danger, then you are not a good martial artist. Well this sport does the opposite as it puts itself in the pathway of danger and sees how long it can withstand the turbulence. This is what you can call an extreme sport, just as skateboarding or  skydiving. But the people who sat at the table behind me were left completely unprotected. Both mentally and physically they had sustained enough damage that they would never function properly again. All of this for a few cheers and a couple bucks. What a waste of potential warriors who could change the world in a far greater manner than just entertainment.

What if someone had learned the piano for 3 years and claimed that he was one of the best in the world? How would people respond to the idea?

Granted I am a slow learner but after 3 years I was only learning the basics of how to defend myself. After 10 years I was getting a hang of mental manipulation and strategy. After 15 years I  finally discovered the art that I wanted, and began to learn its language. After 20 years I began learning about the true source of power and on and on....

After 30 years I feel that I am only a beginner and wouldn't dare say I am the best in the world at anything within my art. I am just glad that I am still able to learn and practice daily. To even suggest that you are the best in the world at anything truly exposes your ignorance that you have no idea how big this world is.

This is natural because everyone naturally believes that the world is actually as big as their country...or even there neighborhood in some cases. While in Taiwan they continually show all of the music stars of the local people and every billboard, poster and TV show exposes you to more of the Taiwanese pop celebrities. You can go into a video store and they have never heard of many of the celebraties in America or the Western  world. Their world is only as big as their TV screen just like the rest of us. In Hong Kong I see only the Hong Kong stars and so on. But every station in every country is offering the contest to see who is the best in the world.

It's not that these people aren't good, talented or even skilled at what they do. It is the ignorance that surrounds the entertainment that is a problem. By saying these MMA fighters are the best martial artist in the world you have given Americans a false education about martial arts. You have stripped children away from learning real self-defense and discipline and created the idea that fighting for a crowd's approval is somehow the highest form of martial arts. In actuality if you need the approval of others then you are still at the lowest levels of your art.

I have many students that are involved in competitive sports martial arts so I am not saying that it there is no value in it. Just as middle school is valuable for people to get into high school competitive sports can help you better understand where you are going. But if you think that you can stay in middle school for your whole truly have mental issues. Graduate and move on to a higher level where the problems are not so simple and people are no longer choosing your battles for you. More importantly fight someone that matters, not someone choses for you. When I was younger and I had my fights with the KKK or skinheads it was a much different sensation than an MMA competition. Someone who is trying to take your life and hopes no one will witness it is much scarier than fighting with someone for the amusement of others. That is when you will really be tapping into your ability. It doesn't matter how many opponents you beat with gloves, if you can't beat the true demons that live in our area and within ourself. But if you win that kind of fight you are making our world a better place. If you are injured fighting a child molester then it is a badge of honor. If you only know how to fight for trophies, then you have never actually used your martial arts.

A great warrior must know how to think in addition to fight. Stop letting others think for you. Decide yourself what your abilities are for, that's the first step to true kung fu.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alley Cat

Recently I have been busy with many personal activities such as traveling and my wedding. I have learned that the most important kung fu is to enjoy every part of your life, for it is the way we say thanks to the lord for the daily gifts. I get excited for the tiniest details because I know in the long run they fit perfectly in to God's masterpiece. When something spectacular happens in my life, I am actually calm and at ease because I know there is nothing that my father is unable to do. 

In the process of inhaling the daily joys that surround me I make sure to continue training daily. I never take a vacation from training because my training is a vacation within its self. Especially because I believe that every time you train in an new area you absorb the energy from that particular environment. This means that you should try to train in as many different places as possible to see more options of both yourself and your style.

The other day I was practicing Xing Yi on a balcony, I looked across to see an alley cat making his way to the roof leaping from one air conditioner to the other. He was already four stories high and one fall would be certain death to every single one of his nine lives. There was a great distance between each leap and plenty of room for error. Yet the cat would stare at the air conditioner he needed to reach intently for a moment and suddenly he sprung forcefully to the next air conditioner. It was like watching a circus act as I gazed and tried to understand the secret of his amazing kung fu. 

I watched him as I held my stance and as my legs began to quiver in discomfort, the answer began to rattle around in my brain. Even though the cat barely made some of the jumps and was only an inch away from dying at times, he never looked down. He didn't even look down to adjust his feet to make sure he had room for the next jump. He watched his target so intently that it was as if the ground didn't even exist. When he reached the roof top he almost smiled at me as he stretched out to enjoy the sun. 

I have already discussed in a previous blog how to become one with your technique. You must not be thinking about the technique you are going to throw or the technique that you have thrown. The only thing that exists is the single attack or defense that you are doing. But in regards of balance and life it becomes important to not only become one with the technique, but also to never look down.

Before I came to Taiwan I had to make a similar leap. I only had a little over a hundred dollars in my pocket and I didn't know anyone. Yet I was intent on understanding the feeling that God had put in my heart and I continued to focus on how wonderful things would be once I arrived. I had just found a job at the bank in Seattle and many people thought I was foolish to leave a good job for a dream that I was uncertain of any of the details. 'What if you get lost?" "What if you get hurt?" Everyone asked me all of the questions that would cause me to look down and see how high the risks were. Yet in my heart I needed to see what it was that God was calling me to do. Leaping into Asia is easily the best decision of my life. If I hadn't jumped, I wouldn't even be me. I would be the brother at the bank who speaks Chinese. Or maybe even the brother at the bank who used to speak Chinese.

Even the alley cat's natural instincts are smarter than most human beings. The truth is that many people fall down all the time and get hurt or even killed. The reason being that they were looking down before they attempted to jump. Where you are looking with your eyes, is where your balance is. Therefore if your mind is on the fall before you jump, you will more than likely fall. Sadly enough our entire life is an accumulation of everyone telling you what to do in case you fall. Making you focus on all of the details of what will happen when you hit the ground. The result of course is a world and an economy that is left in shambles.

A man goes to work in the morning. Eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and then goes to bed. Has he had a bad day? He had three square meals, interacted with the world and rested well. But if this man first watches the news or whatever source of media information before he goes to work his day is heavily influenced.

Before he goes to work he is informed of the crime and murder rate that is continually rising. Therefore as he gets in his car he is paranoid and locks himself in as he peers over his shoulder at all the possible danger. He is told that the economy is crashing and works nervously. He is worried about who will be the next president because it will decide the outcome of his life. He is upset that his favorite basketball team lost the game. He is ashamed because overweight. His wife tells him to man-up so he continually goes through this miserable cycle of working, eating and sleeping.

Now it seems like he is having a bad day doesn't it? But how much of what has happened in his day has actually happened to him? I know people who have lived safe lives for the past 30 years, but continually discuss the problems of famine, war, loss and failure as if it is their daily routine. How could you ever enjoy your life if you were always digesting such negative energy? Even if nothing bad ever happens, people still discuss the bad more than the good. Locked inside an invisible evil world that doesn't even exist when you go outside. 

A wise man once said, "I think, therefore I am." This means that if someone controls what you think, you are there slave. This relates to another important leap that I made in my life which was finding my wife. Has anyone ever told you that you are not man/woman enough?  Or even that you need to grow up and be realistic? 

Many of my ex's would tell me about the things they didn't like about my person. How I needed to take jobs that I didn't like more seriously or dress more "sophisticated" in order to be successful. What determines if someone is successful? What determines if someone is sophisticated? When I heard these words I realized that I was in the wrong relationship. I wasn't going to stop liking who I was because society had yet to identify my role. "That's not the way people do things!" I heard countless times through out my life. My response was always, "That's ridiculous. I'm a person and this is how I do it. Am I not human because I have my own method?" 

My wife on the other hand understands who I am and doesn't confuse it with the images of people on TV or in the books. Because of this she enhances the being of who I wish to become instead of hindering it. It is the first time in my life that I have actually have felt true support. Many people have tried to help me before but, it's not really help if they're helping you become someone else. 

 If we are the accumulation of our own thoughts then our society or "reality" is the collection of the thoughts of the masses. In short, when you are trying to fit in, you are imitating the ideas of everyone's imagination. If you have enough paper you should buy gucci because gucci is sophisticated. The best way to steal riches is to convince people they don't have any. 

From a marital stand point, if two people are both learning Wing Chun and they fight the same, one of them is doing it wrong! Just as a tree, we should not try to imitate the trees along side us because our root seeks nurishment in other areas. We should also search for sunlight away from others so that we may have room to grow and add to the depth of the entire forest. 

Even the economy is based off a bunch of numbers that are in computers. America has not lost any gold since the time of its being established. Therefore the idea that we have more or less than before is based off the imagination of the world media. Don't you think it's interesting that they want you to imagine yourself weakening? I have had arguments or misunderstandings with my friends or family in the past that had really got my blood boiling. I spent the whole day upset while I planned my strategy for the next encounter we would have. I sat there at lunch thinking" I'm going to say this....and then I am gonna bring this up...." 10 hours later when I saw them again we actually just said sorry and returned to normal. The end result was actually good yet I spent 10 extra hours upset about something that ended well. How is worry or concern about anything that hasn't happened productive? How is looking down going to help you with jumping up? 

It is vital for you to make the leaps that are important in your life without always debating the consequences of falling. If you do believe in God, then you should also believe that he wants you to be happier than you can imagine. The idea of falling is from a completely different source. It is also a priority to know the difference between yourself and society. This is difficult because the brainwashing of what is success begins when you are in grade school.

Do you remember the time you thought a girl was pretty and your friends made fun of you for it? From that moment you slowly stopped liking the things that were intended for you, and began reaching for the ideas of the masses. Do you think it is a coincidence that it is fashionable to degrade the self-esteem of women? Or that women are now telling men to man-up? These are only distractions that are trying to make you doubt yourself before you make the important jumps of your life. Let me be the first to tell you that you will not fall. You are going to get everything that your heart has desired because you are already designed for it. Just as God has designed the cat to climb walls he has designed you to make it to your goals. Not even your family can understand what you are trying to leap for so don't let anyone divert you from your target. Have faith, don't look down and jump!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The insect

After training martial arts for five years, I learned how to fight.

After training martial arts for ten years, I learned how to think.

After training martial arts for fifteen years, I learned how to learn.

After training martial arts for twenty years, I learned how to breathe.

After training martial arts for twenty-five years, I learned how to see.

After training martial arts for thirty years, I learned that I know nothing.

It does seem that every five years that my training changes in nature along with the way I perceive the world. It was as if after the first five years I stepped through a doorway and found the value of my skills. I was able to fight with more than one opponent at a time and had to in many instances. My focus was kicking harder and punching faster. Basically doing whatever needed to be done to leave the fray unscathed.

When I stepped through the next door, I found there were many other doors. Fighting was no longer the best option for each situation. In fact the best answer for resolving many situations was actually learning to calm myself. What people said to me was not as important as how I reacted to it.

After passing through the third doorway I found scrolls of knowledge and information that were the source of my skills. Through studying diligently I was able to better understand the development of combat historically and how to better aim my focus in my own training. Every additional skill I adopted expanded my mind and let me see more doors that would lead to who I desired to become.

Through the fourth door I found a calm through the understanding of meditation. Things that seemed to weigh on me heavily became easier to navigate. I found a oneness with the flow of life and learned to enjoy the bad situations as much as the good. For it was all a part of something greater than myself.

The fifth door was maybe the most frightening as I was able to see the connection between all things through kung fu. How every movement, word and thought had a vast affect in the universe. It became quite obvious that my training was part of a much bigger picture than just martial arts.My training was for the building and developing of a new dynasty.

Now as I begin my 30th year of training I have stepped through a door that I have become an insect in a vast martial arts jungle. Just as a termite in a tree or a bee on a flower, there is so much of the environment that I have not even begun to understand. The small amount that I may be able to teach is insignificant to the vast enormity that I have yet to learn. But just as an insect I will feed off the nectar from flower to flower and take the answers that the lord has provided me with today.

As an insect things appear to be much larger and in depth. The smallest details that we overlook every day are the home of the insect. Only the tiniest creature can understand the comfort of moss, the danger of rain and the lighting of the moon along side the bark of a tree. My voice has become so tiny that you may have to shrink your ego to understand my language.

Our currently established society that we have so grown to love and become familiar with is the very thing that is killing the human race. It's even strange that we call it the human race. Why race? Why are we prone to develop in a mode that we feel that competition with each other will lead us to success when it is quite apparent that it will lead to greed and arrogance?

If there are two great warriors in the land, the people will eventually have them go head to head to see who is number 1. This would be the same as taking two laptops and smashing them together repeatedly to see which one is more durable. Of course if you smash laptops together it seems wasteful, but aren't we as human beings more valuable than a laptop. Yet it is the first thing they will point us toward as martial artist. Do you compete?

In the end which ever warrior wins the world loses out on a great asset. A great loss to the protection of our people for the entertainment of the mindless masses. If I took two laptops and banged them repeatedly everyone would watch excitedly as well. It is our animal instinct that is driven to desire to see such primal acts. It is our animal instincts that run the country. When will we complete our evolution?

A while back I looked into the world economy and learned how much each individual on the planet would make if it was divided evenly. Every child, elderly person, American, African and Chinese person would have 7 million dollars a year. As God said the world will always be plentiful. So where does the suffering come from?

Well as an insect it is impossible to determine the source of the problem especially with all of the distractions in the Jungle. We must compete in sports, finance, religion, science and politics. If a divided house can not stand, then where are we headed?

It is childish to believe that I must be successful at the expense of others. To think that somehow your success is taking from my own. The truth is that our connection to each other is more powerful than our individual desires. Your success will make me more powerful. Therefore I should do what is best for me and us at the same the same time. When you become number 1 you are all alone and easy to control, isolated in a dark world that was designed to destroy heroes. Do you think it is human nature to eliminate heroes and warriors that would defend us? It sounds very much like a war strategy I heard before of weakening the enemy. Make their champions fight each other and they will never have strength.

If we continue to compete with each other instead of cooperate then our demise is promised. We must appreciate our differences and embrace our similarities. The only competition that is good is the competition of self. Everything else is vanity and destruction. I know many people have said these same words before and everyone hears it and moves on with there life. Maybe only insects can understand.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Change of Heart

Since the age of four years old, the longest time period I have gone without training was a month. Throughout my school years and traveling to Asia, I have been blessed to always have motivation. When I was child it was because I was fighting almost daily, but later it changed to a new type of combat. 

Being oppressed as a child created a fire in my heart to become more. To quote Knight, one of the Tianwudao, "Life is like a bow and arrow, the more they hold you back, the farther you can fly." This philosophy has been the core of my being for most of my life. I trained hard so that one day I could show people a black hero on TV that I was never able to see as a youth. I was sick of gangsters being the role models for rap, so I began rapping. I learned Chinese because there were so many that told me that it was an impossible language. While I was teaching martial arts in the university they called me War. It was fitting because I was really at war in every aspect of my life.

In time my dreams of stardom and success only grew larger. I took on every challenge whether it was a song, demonstration, film or whatever. My success seemed to be growing as I received more recognition for my effort. I was rapping, studying, fighting, training, teaching, dancing and acting all at once. On the surface it appeared that I was a superhero, but on the inside after 25 years, I was exhausted. I couldn't understand why I had to do so much and others so little and I was still unable to make my dreams surface.

When I met my wife something changed in me. I felt that the fire that once was there had been extinguished. I continually trained and did all of the things that I desired my whole life, but somehow everything seemed to be a lot calmer. When this calm was upon me I feared that I would lose my dreams and ideas because I didn't want to trade in everything I had worked so hard for.

It wasn't until I returned to America that I began to understand the foolishness of my efforts. In the bible it often refers to the Philistines as the enemy of God. The word philistine in Hebrew refers to rolling in the dirt. This represents a person who believes that his effort is what will make him a successful person. Do or die, no pain no gain kind of thinking. This is what we are all taught as children, yet these people are the enemy of God. 

I then realized that it is because life itself is a gift from God. Trying to say you have achieved something with your own hands, is much like offering your mother money for birthing you. No matter how much you give your mother, it is folly because you couldn't exist without her. Me trying to achieve greatness with my hands even if my intentions are good is just a form of vanity. 

The problem was the source of all of my achievements was still based on a hidden rage to be better. In my opinion it is this hidden rage that was the cause of Bruce Lee's death. Rage in any form can only go so far before it poisons your every thought and then consumes your entire being. In our society today most people use either rage or fear to make all of their decisions. The fear that we will not be accepted is what keeps us up to date with fashion. The fear of not having enough income keeps us working at jobs that we have no passion for. They say that heart disease is the number one killer in America when  actuality it is fear. Rage is just a bit more powerful than fear, but both will cut many years from your life. 

Jesus mentions that the ultimate power is love. Though we all may have love in our loves, very few of us use love as a tool. Through loving my wife I have learned the nature of love. Now the fire that was once inside of me has become power. 

I do not have to chase my dream, I simply need to become it. By believing that God will exceed my every expectation, I will become much more successful than any of my efforts could ever have done. The point is that I don't deserve greatness, but I will receive greatness because of the love of my father. 

Now I am at rest knowing that I will be much more than I have ever dreamed of. The only thing I need to do is use love in every aspect of my life. I love my wife, I love my family, I love the Tianwudao, I love the people reading this blog, I love my art, I love Chinese, I love music and dance. I love every new opportunity that God brings my way. Through love we will overpower the darkness within our hearts and become the light of the world. If you do it cause you love it, you are doing it right.

Now whether I am studying, training, dancing or whatever it is done because I love every moment I have been given. I am no longer training, but enjoying the gifts that have been placed in my heart. Many Christians somehow feel that the desires in your heart contradict the path of God when it is really quite the opposite. God has put those desires in your heart so that you could love your life to the fullest. It is his nature to exceed your desires. Therefore the dreams that I have always wanted will be multiplied through faith not effort. Doubt, Rage, Disbelief, Fear, Anxiety are all different ways of not trusting God's love for you, therefore it hinders the gifts that you would receive. 

 Everything I do now is not tiring but invigorating. I can do 10 times as much and I am always at rest and in love. Doing things by your own effort is hard style, learning to rest is soft style. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Correct Path

My first contact with martial arts began with Taekwondo. At four years old my father had me and my two brothers go into a heavy regiment of training both kicks and punches that were geared for real combat situations. There were often days that we would practice over a thousand kicks just to make sure that the techniques were all done properly.

It was nothing like the Taekwondo that you would see in the olympics today, where falling down is a part of the strategy in order to avoid getting hit. We knew that while fighting against a group of opponents that falling down would surely be the end of you. We used low licks, takedowns, footwork and an arsenal of hand techniques to do whatever was necessary to keep our attackers at bay.

We never kept track with the amount of fights we had gotten involved in, but as a family it is safe to say  before leaving Ohio our total was in the hundreds. It seemed that when we beat one bully, two would take its place. Through every grade they became bigger stronger and more determined to put the black boys in place.

Weight eventually became a factor and the three of us encountered the very same situation on different days.

My brother Eddie, the oldest, was in a fight where the opponent had grabbed his leg and slung him to the ground. When he hit the ground he held on to the heavier boy and was able to out wrestle him and achieve victory choking him out.

My brother Aaron, the second oldest, had the same exact situation occur. When he was thrown to the ground he quickly stood back to his feet and switched to hand attacks which overwhelmed his heavier attacker, knocking him out.

When I was met with the same encounter and thrown to the ground, I decided the problem wasn't my kick, but my attack was too direct. I then through a feint kick causing him to reach and when he did I snapped my leg right into his face knocking him out.

All of us had began with the same routine of training. All of us ended up dealing with the same situation. Each of us chose a different path that would change our art forever.

My oldest brother, Eddie, now teaches Hapkido, which focuses fully on grappling and manipulation of the wrist, limbs and head.

Aaron now teaches Wing Chun (Yong Chun) which is completely focused on the hands and controlling the center.

I as you know, teach Bagua, which is the art of change and misdirection.

It's easy to see that it is not the encounter with the problem that made us change the way we fought our thought, but revealed the truth of what we always felt. Even as we practiced Taekwondo together none of us used the same movements the same way. This is evidence that no matter what we decide to learn, it is only a medium to help us discover what God already knows of us. Each day and activity that we involve ourselves in is another opportunity to see how we think. By understanding the source of our thought process and interests, we find our power. A unique power that I can only explain as a mutant power.

I then began to follow the thoughts of Bruce Lee meaning the more styles I touch against the more I can learn and that I should shed the leftover material so that I can better understand myself. By the time I was 20 I had practiced 13 different martial arts styles. Though I had become more effective than ever, I felt that I was somehow deteriorating from my true strength. It was as if I was trying to grow many fruits with out a root of my own.

After learning Bagua I found the reasoning of my weakening, and the truth of my own source of energy. The more I learned about Bagua, the more I dissected each movement and harnessed the nature of its movements within myself. Every time I dissect a movement, I found more to train and understand.  For me my training feels as if I am splitting atoms of information that continually deliver explosive new concepts into my mind.

Bruce Lee was the exact opposite in the sense that he became more powerful by bumping into more ideas from other styles that helped him complete his growth.

Not comparing myself to Bruce in aspects of skills, but only in learning methods. It is the same difference between nuclear fusion vs. nuclear fission. As much as I admire Bruce for everything he has done. If I would have continued on his pathway, I never would have grasped an understanding of myself or my art.

It is important for us all to know our art, but there is nothing more important than knowing ourself. This means that whatever we are involved in we must be able to distinguish ourselves from the situation. If you become your work, you will never be good at your work. What's more you will never have joy in your life because you are continually starving yourself from yourself. We can not have any form of self satisfaction until we have first found self.

This of course is where a lot of people go into mediation, isolation or whatever -tion helps them to achieve a sense of "self". Yet you must not forget the most important ingredient of self. The one who loves you more than you could ever love yourself. God.

Have you ever loved something so much that you made it exist? Of course not. This is why it is impossible for you to ever truly love yourself. Through knowing you were created from this love we realize that our desires within are not of our own. You want to learn martial arts because God wants you to learn martial arts. He speaks to you through your desires and you must be confident as you take into every good curiosity in your heart.

I got lots of questions from people who are looking for there path. Although I love answering questions from anyone who contacts me. No one can tell you better than the man himself. Close your eyes and ask him.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lets Go Deeper

I know that my blog at times may seem to drift away from the topic of kung fu, but actually I am just bringing you deeper within my art and my discoveries. Everything is in fact tied together like a strand of DNA and it is impossible for your martial art to develop if you cease to develop the other parts of your person. Your understanding of your world is essential for you to make progress in anything. After all God is in everything and by practicing, learning and experiencing the many flavors of life, you are fully cherishing the treasures of life.

In order to fully continue growing the most key factor is humility. Only through admitting you do not know, will you be able to know. If you already know, it is best to forget you know and learn it again  because you probably missed something the first time.

My friend recently came to me with a relatively new scientific research regarding wave movement. You can look it up yourself because I am no scientist. Yet it indicated that the understanding of the wave is to understand the secret of nature itself. The part of the theory that called to me and my training was the fact it claimed that light does not actually travel, that it is merely an illusion created by the unseen waves that travel through the universe.

Just as the waves in a pond when disturbed by a falling pebble. The water appears to be moving away from the impact of the stone, but actually is only vibrating upward and downward as the energy disperses. Another example is when the audience does the wave in a sports event. Every one stands up and sits down quickly creating the illusion that there is a wave moving across the stadium. Yet no one has actually left there seat.

This effects my kung fu because by looking at this simple analysis I can indicate that water, air or the human body can be used as a medium to transport energy through vibrations. Vibrations is something that I had seen many master practice while performing techniques like the shadowless fist.

This also explains the continual changing of emotions that occur while I am training. Why is it sometimes I finish my workout and I feel like I have made great progress, while at other times I feel frustrated with my result?

This is because my daily training sends a vibration through the universe which helps me find the frequency that I am looking for through a prolonged period of time. The up and down feeling is an indication that the universe in a sense has become my medium for progress. By practicing with a weapon repeatedly, both myself and the weapon create a vibration that begins to synchronize within each other. I really am becoming one with the sword.

So by opening my mind up to a little science, I have been able to enhance my training in many ways. I'm not surprised because the more knowledge that I am able to learn, the more I am able to understand the way God works. The more I understand about God, the more I understand about my training.

Then why is it that many people believe that God in science somehow contradict each other? Well there is a short answer. But I think the longer answer is needed to have a better understanding. A long time ago I was able to use this understanding of dimensions in order to better develop my relationship with God and martial arts. I am not a quantum mechanics guy, but a little bit is good for the kung fu.

Lets use a poker face card to illustrate the 2nd dimension. If you have a playing card sitting on the table and it were actually able to see, it would only see the left to right of the corners of the card. The eyes not being adjustable wouldn't be able to look straight at you in the 3rd dimension. Therefore if you pressed your hand on the card, it would be able to feel the pressure of the hand, but not be able to see where the pressure was coming from.

The difference from the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension is a similar relationship. The 4th dimension being a place that we can not see, but maybe out of the corner of our eye we are able to sense from time to time. The forth dimension is also where the lowest level of spirits are. They can see not only us but a possible out come of us at the same time. As if they are looking at you, a good you and a bad you. Depending on there goal, they will try to lead you to make a decision based on what they desire of you. Keep in mind that these are the lowest level of spirits.

When the bible speaks of Arch Angels it talks about them having 6 or even 8 wings. I believe that this indicates that they are able to move deeper into the 6 dimension all the way into the 8th dimension. Each dimension has an exponential increase in your possible outcomes. Meaning the powerful demons and angels are able to see an infinite amount of possibilities of yourself and spend their time guiding you to the one they want. Of course if you know of the devil, who at one time was the most beautiful Arch Angel, has vowed to end the life of mankind. This is why no one will ever be able to prove the devil's existence. He is an infinite amount of steps ahead of any human being. His only goal is to make you hate God and then kill you. Which is why a hurricane is called an act of God and anything beautiful is called mother nature.

All of these dimensions starting from the 4th suspend time. Only in this dimension is time a factor on what we do and perceive so we tend to get in a rush and miss out on hints that would indicate to us we were being manipulated. Yet the bible indicates that the highest angels can only appear before God's throne. This tells us that God is in a dimension that is an infinite amount of steps ahead of all life including the devil.

This is why I continue to say positive thinking is not enough to get you through life. But by maintaining your relationship with God you are actually staying ahead of the devil. Any attack that would come at you would be turned into your advantage. Which is why the bible says, "Your enemies will become your footstool."

Also it is key for you to maintain praying. Praying is actually only practicing telepathy. So by praying you are evolving into a more powerful being. Meditating can open up the universe to you, but you never know what other spirits are watching.

 You were born in a war that you can't even see. So true science is a wonderful thing that can help us to discover all of this. Yet it will continually try to negate God's existence and now you know why.

If you can understand this, then your kung fu will certainly become deeper. I will do my best to ease you in, but this goes pretty damn deep. Lets take it step by step.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Excuses for Evil

After spending a third of my life in Asia I am having difficulty adjusting to life in the states. Actually I never really "fit in" in the states in the first place, which is one of the greatest factors for me leaving. I grew up fighting with those who hated me because of my skin color. This made me a better martial artists but most importantly it made me aware of the invisible dangers that most individuals pretend not to see. 

It wasn't long before I noticed other kids on the playground that were being picked on for different reasons other than my own. Many of them were nerds, weirdos or just different than the other kids so they attracted the same types of violence that I did. I hated bullies of every kind and I wasn't going to allow anyone to be picked on in front of me for any reason. I attacked the attackers and befriended the victims. At the age of 10 I had already established a group of 20 kids that united together and we all became safe from the bullies that would seek to take advantage of any one of us. 

As I grew older I found that it wasn't necessary to fit in just as long as we supported each other. One day I saw someone's bike being stolen and I made sure those kids would never have an interest in stealing a bike again. I beat them so badly that one of the kids later asked me to teach him martial arts. My only goal was to defend myself and the ones I cared for, but my actions continually expanded our group. 

I hadn't changed much when I got to the university, because that is when we established the Tianwudao. Being older I learned that fighting was limited because problems and bullies were much more organized. How do you fight someone who steals someones house? After all money equals freedom of speech. 

Bullies became corporations and had the law on their side for every circumstance. When I worked at the clothing store for my part time job, I saw that any of the clothes that had a flaw were thrown away into the burn pile. It upset me because I saw so many people just right down the block from the store that needed clothes, shoes or any thing that could help them through the winter.

When I worked in the food industry I saw mounds of food that were thrown away daily with locks on the trash to prevent anyone who was hungry from stealing the food in the garbage. 

As a musician I was told I had to make my lyrics more focused around blings, sex and cars. It wasn't "cool" to talk about the real things that were going on in our lives that might inspire people to see more deeply. We used to rap to tell stories, but it suddenly became more popular to battle and destroy the other person. That is of course more "entertaining".

I competed in martial arts competitions that cheered for us to destroy each other for money, prizes and trophies while killing our bodies and brains. 

It seemed that no matter what I tried to do I was forced to pretend to not see the evil. It was obvious to me that I would never fit in. Leaving the country was the only option that I had. 

When I got to China I never saw a fortune cookie. I never saw any of the things I had heard about in my country about Asia aside from asian people. I definitely never saw communism. I saw a bunch of capitalist doing there best to keep up with the Western world. They were in a hurry to throw out their culture in exchange for greed and material things. I saw millionaires being serviced by the poor just as it  was back at home. 

After nearly a decade I returned to my home just to observe. I am even more of an outsider than I was before, but my training has let me see things much more clearly than I had anticipated. I learned that I have a deep, deep love for Americans. I love Americans so much that I even like the ones that don't like me. What we represent is a miracle for the world to witness. But what we actually are is a group of distracted individuals. The bullies have teamed up and taken everything that we never knew we had.

Our strongest warriors have been convinced that a ball is the only way they will make a living. We will never see their true strength if they stood together to defend the broken communities which they came from.

Our greatest minds have been given an unanswerable political riddle that will actually not have any affect over our immediate lives. They are forced to argue, debate and ponder over false issues when they could change the world with one thought in the right direction.

Scientist try to debate against God, but it was God who made Science. One without the other is the Yin with out the Yang and balance will never be achieved. 

Artists of all types are not given a real place in society, forcing them to scrounge for jobs and eventually sell out. Artists are the ones who teach us to think and see freely. It's no wonder they create terms like "starving artists" in order to scare those from harnessing the power of God. Imagination.

Education systems only teach 2 of the 12 different types of intelligences, putting 5/6 of our children at a learning disadvantage. The rest will have to be medicated because it is unnatural to sit at a desk for 7 hours a day. Especially if you are a child.

All meaning in music and even talent has been taken out so that people would numb their minds with loud and robotic rhythms that can only be enjoyed with the assistance of drugs.

The worst part is I can't say this to anyone unless I put it on my blog. People feel the need to defend the system that they were born into because of the false idea that it is benefiting them. By making the rest of the world look like it's chaos, we feel safe at home in our invisible prison. 

I'm not writing this as a means to point out the bad, but as I way to awaken the good. People some how believe that they are living a good life just because nothing bad is happening. It is the same as not complaining about being in a wrist or ankle lock because the pain has subsided. I understand that it is hard to stand up when everyone else is sitting down. Yet shouldn't we at least stand up for our children who will be born in debt? How will the cycle end if we don't end it ourselves? 

When I taught martial arts to the kids that had been bullied on the playground, I had to first understand why they didn't defend themselves. Some told me that it was because they didn't know how. Others told me it was because they didn't care. The students who became the most powerful were the ones that told me the truth.  "I'm scared." Just as alcoholism, admitting the problem is the first and most important step. 

The truth is that the bullies are more scared of you than you are of them. That is why there is so much being invested in distracting you. Cause if one day you decided to join together with your neighbor, we would be Americans again. You are much more than just a vote. You are a king/queen of your life. Just because you weren't born with as much money as so many that run the country, doesn't mean you should have less freedom. 

Then again what do I know. I don't even fit in.