Thursday, April 30, 2009

Training in Difficult times

I find even when training becomes a part of your life schedule. It becomes very difficult to keep a focused mindset when other priorities in life jump out at you. Especially in these days when things are down. The economies down, spiritual awareness is down but fear is up. Yet it is at these times when it becomes most importat to strengthen ourselves. Kung fu means time and effort. And when times get harder effort gets harder. I know the body can only withstand so much. As we age our body's begin to break down, injuries last longer, etc. Though internally it is an opportunity to magnify our power. This is why it is important to always learn to "focus" our minds.

When we practice our qi exercies, it helps us to clean our spirits from the inside out. Also it can help clear away bad spirits that may attach to your life. Things that we might see as bad luck that occur in our lives from time to time is not always a coincidence. Its often times a battle that were not even aware is going on. Grow stronger spiritually and become aware of what your real purpose is. Every martial artist of every creed has wanted to learn the arts for one reason or another. But the initial reasoning is that we wanted to become heroes. Although society has a lot of ways to make us forget our true worth, training your body as well as your mind is a way to keep yourself focused.

Breathing techniques can be practiced any where at anytime. Sometimes if you can catch a quick break at work or school even if only for a few minutes, take some time to breath. Breath in light and heat into your dan tian under your navel. Then exhale black smoke which represents the stress, fear or anxiety in you. If you have an injury or pain in your body at all. Focus your intent on that point of your body, then breath iniside of the injury. I know all the arts have different ways to practice Qi, Ki, inner power, kinectic energy or what ever name you give it. But make sure that you spend time to heal yourself. What battle can we face if our mind is not prepared? And if we are fortunate enough to have a healthy body, then we should exercise it.

Stay focused on the things that matter and remember lifes not only three dimensional.

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