Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fox's Online Tutorial

I just set up my new website with the assistance of my good friend we call Knight.

The website organizes things a little nicer than the blog does and later I will use both the blog and the website for new articles. In a couple of months I am setting up a very detailed on line training program so that those intrested in the art but can't find teachers can learn movements from the basics to advanced techniques. The only thing that will be needed is your own motivation to take you to the next level of understanding the art. This we you can stay armed and prepared even if you live out in Louisiana or where ever. It won't be for a couple months since I still have to take care of some little things while adjusting in Taiwan but feel free to check out the site now and I will be sure to keep updating new articles on both sites. Keep training and learning.

1 comment:

josh said...

you sir are awesome. Cannot wait to check this out. How much will it cost to train in your site by the way?