Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gao Bagua Masters United

Last weekend we had a great exchange between the two different Gao Bagua lineages taught by my master Wu Guo Zheng and Master CS Tang from Hong Kong. My friend Benard and I helped the two masters to get in contact for this wonderful learning experience. Even though the styles are of the same lineage their are vast differences between practice methods and technique applications. However the main point of each technique was identical. Just as I have said before Bagua practitioners are much like trees because we all choose to grow and develop very differently. But the root of each style is the same which means the fruit is also the same. It was great for me to see another masters ideas and concepts about familiar techniques. I could even see the eyes of my master and CS Tang light up with new ideas after discussing martial arts concepts.

It shows that we all need to come together not just for the purpose of learning but also for the purpose of inspiring and motivating. It doesn't have to be from the same style because power always recognizes power. Sometimes while we are training we can find ourselves in a rut or hit a plateau. The best thing is to go out and pull together with other groups to trade ideas.

I know that in the past styles have been very secretive about what they show and display to other schools because of one day maybe having a conflict with a rival school. But look in the society we live in now. Do you really think it is possible that you are going to get robbed by another kung fu master? If you are humble and considerate it is very unlikely you would have a confrontation with another lineage. These days there should be no rivalry. All martial artist in all countries are looked upon as strange individuals. If we don't start showing the true beauty of what martial arts is we will disappear. Many styles have done such a good job of maintaining their secrecy that they no longer exist. Our purposes is to extend the range of the brotherhood of martial artists. One master and one student at a time.

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Ed said...

Very nice! Always great to see friendship and exchanges between the various bagua (sub-)lineages!