Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Find your power

I'm nearing the end of my footwork training which is only the first step of developing my body flow training. Ideally I train footwork for a full year. Training each and every step and turn everyday until I have practiced thousands of variations of possible ways to enter and exit my opponents defense. When this is finished, I will begin training my weaving and flow training which is a completely different type of focus. It all leads to the third and final step of this training program which is to develop the way of the hands. All of the footwork and flow training is only a means to extend more power into the hands. Each training period lasts a year and after that it will be the beginning of a new training program. If I actually counted the days that I have from now until the time I finish the program I have layed out, it will be over five years.

It is a distraction to think about the amount of time that it will take. It is also a distraction to wonder if I will have enough money to begin the training that I will need for the second part of my training which requires special equipment. We always see the obstacles that stand in our way before we take our first step on our journey. Most of the things we want to do require money to get them done. So we find ourselves saying I will do this when the money or the time is right. The truth is there are probably a lot of steps you can take before you need the money in your hand to resolve the problem. If you continue to grow stronger in the direction of your dream life will make a way. Do not even acknowledge the possibility of failure. Anything that would appear to be failure is actually just another step. The only thing we can control about the things that happen to us is how we percieve it. If I lose a job, I have more time to focus and plan. If I lose a house, I have more time to roam and understand. If I lose my dream, I have trully lost myself.

I am working with a few companies that want me to market martial arts to the masses with the promise that you will get fit in 30 days, only three minutes a day blah blah blah.

Is there anything you have gotten in your life that was worthwhile that came easily? Can you get a great education without studying? Can you have a great family without caring? The idea that you can be healthy without effort is a lie.

So I have a new motto for those who are interested in martial arts and exercise. Yes it will hurt. Yes it will take a while. And yes a lot of the times you won't feel like doing it. But you don't need anything that's easy. Someone tricked you into thinking that you have to work hard at the things you hate and not pay attention to the things you need. I promise that if you do start martial arts, dance, or whatever your kung fu is that it won't be easy. But every day that you spend training and bettering yourself instead of just aging, you will make your life easier. You will be proud of how you feel about yourself, how far you have come, how much you have changed. In the end the only thing that you have is you. You should spend a little more time enjoying yourself.
We're all super heroes. Find your power.


1 said...
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J.A.F. said...

True, inspirational words as always.

It reminds of one of my favorite song lyrics:

"Nothing worth having comes without a fight. You've gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight."

C-man said...

great practise plan. So impressive. I am Guo Style Bagua learner in Hong Kong.