Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be like water

We often hear that it is important to be like water when practicing martial arts. Meaning we should be clear and able to adapt to the attack of the opponent. Reacting to every movement that is made and attacking the exposed parts of his defense.

Of course this is much easier said that done. Most times we find ourselves planning out an attack and trying to force open a weak point of our own. This usually leaves us struggling with both our opponent and our own idea of what to do. In the end if we can not let go of our game plan and mold to the situation we may find ourselves defeated. Not by our opponent but by our unwillingness to adapt.

It is the very seem when seeking out opportunities in life. Though we can spend lots of time preparing and training for opportunities that we hope might come, we are not able to bend life to our will. Therefore the most important factor is our ability to flow with the situation and seize the opportunities that appear before us. This means we may find ourselves in a few positions that we didn't plan on or considering ideas that we had never thought of. If you continue to prepare yourself for your idea opportunity then you will be ready when it comes. In the meantime continue to flow and develop to the obstacles that are in front of you today. It will only make your situation more advantageous in the end.

Keep training, keep believing.

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