Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of the World

In my years of training I have learned the art of perception. Meaning no longer just seeing physical attacks and defenses but seeing the truth behind the movement. Any craft that allows you to continually refine your ability to perceive and develop will ultimately give you a glimpse of truth. Whether you choose to ignore this glimpse or embrace it will determine your outcome at the end of the spiritual battle.

Movements just the same as thoughts are energy. In combat the energy is used to manipulate your opponent or avoid being manipulated; counter attacks, footwork adjustments and dominating power will lead you to the fate of your fray. The biggest advantage being of course the ability to mentally dominate your opponent rather than physically. If you can make your opponent believe he is weaker than you, then indeed he is.

Being able to perceive the truth, if even only for a glimpse, can still reduce mental distraction gaining us true advantage. In short you can say life is fighting, or if you prefer, fighting is life.

Admittedly it is much easier for me to see what my opponent is planning in combat rather than the true enemy in my life. The darkness that supports all evil deeds and denies truth a chance to be revealed through poison and illusion. Being blinded by a job that leads no where or caught in a race of fashion that endlessly wastes one's life, is a prison that for those born in it, have never even dreamed of freedom.

In the end if we do not try to refine ourselves then we can be made to believe we are weaker than the illusions that imprison us. Our illusions have become our entire world and the end of such a world, can only mean freedom. The truth is coming.

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