Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lets Go Deeper

I know that my blog at times may seem to drift away from the topic of kung fu, but actually I am just bringing you deeper within my art and my discoveries. Everything is in fact tied together like a strand of DNA and it is impossible for your martial art to develop if you cease to develop the other parts of your person. Your understanding of your world is essential for you to make progress in anything. After all God is in everything and by practicing, learning and experiencing the many flavors of life, you are fully cherishing the treasures of life.

In order to fully continue growing the most key factor is humility. Only through admitting you do not know, will you be able to know. If you already know, it is best to forget you know and learn it again  because you probably missed something the first time.

My friend recently came to me with a relatively new scientific research regarding wave movement. You can look it up yourself because I am no scientist. Yet it indicated that the understanding of the wave is to understand the secret of nature itself. The part of the theory that called to me and my training was the fact it claimed that light does not actually travel, that it is merely an illusion created by the unseen waves that travel through the universe.

Just as the waves in a pond when disturbed by a falling pebble. The water appears to be moving away from the impact of the stone, but actually is only vibrating upward and downward as the energy disperses. Another example is when the audience does the wave in a sports event. Every one stands up and sits down quickly creating the illusion that there is a wave moving across the stadium. Yet no one has actually left there seat.

This effects my kung fu because by looking at this simple analysis I can indicate that water, air or the human body can be used as a medium to transport energy through vibrations. Vibrations is something that I had seen many master practice while performing techniques like the shadowless fist.

This also explains the continual changing of emotions that occur while I am training. Why is it sometimes I finish my workout and I feel like I have made great progress, while at other times I feel frustrated with my result?

This is because my daily training sends a vibration through the universe which helps me find the frequency that I am looking for through a prolonged period of time. The up and down feeling is an indication that the universe in a sense has become my medium for progress. By practicing with a weapon repeatedly, both myself and the weapon create a vibration that begins to synchronize within each other. I really am becoming one with the sword.

So by opening my mind up to a little science, I have been able to enhance my training in many ways. I'm not surprised because the more knowledge that I am able to learn, the more I am able to understand the way God works. The more I understand about God, the more I understand about my training.

Then why is it that many people believe that God in science somehow contradict each other? Well there is a short answer. But I think the longer answer is needed to have a better understanding. A long time ago I was able to use this understanding of dimensions in order to better develop my relationship with God and martial arts. I am not a quantum mechanics guy, but a little bit is good for the kung fu.

Lets use a poker face card to illustrate the 2nd dimension. If you have a playing card sitting on the table and it were actually able to see, it would only see the left to right of the corners of the card. The eyes not being adjustable wouldn't be able to look straight at you in the 3rd dimension. Therefore if you pressed your hand on the card, it would be able to feel the pressure of the hand, but not be able to see where the pressure was coming from.

The difference from the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension is a similar relationship. The 4th dimension being a place that we can not see, but maybe out of the corner of our eye we are able to sense from time to time. The forth dimension is also where the lowest level of spirits are. They can see not only us but a possible out come of us at the same time. As if they are looking at you, a good you and a bad you. Depending on there goal, they will try to lead you to make a decision based on what they desire of you. Keep in mind that these are the lowest level of spirits.

When the bible speaks of Arch Angels it talks about them having 6 or even 8 wings. I believe that this indicates that they are able to move deeper into the 6 dimension all the way into the 8th dimension. Each dimension has an exponential increase in your possible outcomes. Meaning the powerful demons and angels are able to see an infinite amount of possibilities of yourself and spend their time guiding you to the one they want. Of course if you know of the devil, who at one time was the most beautiful Arch Angel, has vowed to end the life of mankind. This is why no one will ever be able to prove the devil's existence. He is an infinite amount of steps ahead of any human being. His only goal is to make you hate God and then kill you. Which is why a hurricane is called an act of God and anything beautiful is called mother nature.

All of these dimensions starting from the 4th suspend time. Only in this dimension is time a factor on what we do and perceive so we tend to get in a rush and miss out on hints that would indicate to us we were being manipulated. Yet the bible indicates that the highest angels can only appear before God's throne. This tells us that God is in a dimension that is an infinite amount of steps ahead of all life including the devil.

This is why I continue to say positive thinking is not enough to get you through life. But by maintaining your relationship with God you are actually staying ahead of the devil. Any attack that would come at you would be turned into your advantage. Which is why the bible says, "Your enemies will become your footstool."

Also it is key for you to maintain praying. Praying is actually only practicing telepathy. So by praying you are evolving into a more powerful being. Meditating can open up the universe to you, but you never know what other spirits are watching.

 You were born in a war that you can't even see. So true science is a wonderful thing that can help us to discover all of this. Yet it will continually try to negate God's existence and now you know why.

If you can understand this, then your kung fu will certainly become deeper. I will do my best to ease you in, but this goes pretty damn deep. Lets take it step by step.

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