Friday, March 22, 2013

Bagua Online (Complete Heaven Section)

Originally I was making personal DVD's for many of my students around the world, but moving to China put a damper in my plans. China will not let me send anything that they deem suspicious...which is a black man selling Bagua DVD's.

However it led me to be able to do something even more convenient for those interested in learning Bagua. This online video contains the first 8 basic attacks (movements) of Bagua known as the way of striking (heaven section) along with lots of applications, variations, training drills, multiple opponent practice, fighting from the circle and security usage.

This video is good for beginners at Bagua, advanced students or even those who practice a different style but want to mix in a bit of circle fighting. It contains 77 minutes that will teach you to completely adopt these Gao Bagua into your arsenal.

It's 4.81 GB, so make sure your computer has the room for the download. For information on how to make a purchase. Contact me at me email

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Ronin said...

Glad to see this is up.