Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bagua On the Dance Floor

This is a just a story about what happened when I was at the club last night. Me and my brothers always enjoyed telling stories to each other about different scraps that we got in so it's a habit for me to want to tell somebody what happened.

At two different points I was attacked while dancing in Beijing. Both of them know martial arts, but neither of them were very good. The first was a grappler and the second I believe did wing chun. It took place so fast that no one even noticed. In fact afterwards I just kept dancing. Wild party, but be cautious. People are acting strange these days. The energy of the Earth is disturbed and it is unveiling its self through crazy people. Train hard, stay prayed up.


Gunther Link said...
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Zacky Chan said...

Cool flippin story! Weeeeiiird stuff happens on the dance floor with agro dudes looking for a reason. The hat, or something you're doing is DEFINITELY calling them. On my best nights, stuff like that always seems so happen. I wish you the best of health, but also look forward to more such stories. Party on.

Justin said...

You know Beijing can be really off the wall.