Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Harvest

Even in my earliest days of training I had always pondered on how to present my art to the world in a fashion that could be comprehended by the masses. The idea of teaching others to wield the skills that had saved my life dozens of times became an obsession of my own subconscious. Part of me has always believed that our purpose of existence is to share the harvest of our personal development. I seek to pass martial arts to the next generation not because I believe it is more valuable than any other gift, but because it is the seed of my blessing. 

Years before people had heard of the term "MMA," I had already been training for more than a decade. At the time it seemed obvious that blending the martial arts was likely to be the most effective manner to take out an opponent, especially if the fray took place in the ring. I fought with fighters of every style on a weekly basis in order to strengthen the metal within my art. It wasn't long before I was joined by a group of like-minded warriors, also thirsty for the betterment of self. We ate the bitter of cruel training and digested effective combat techniques on a daily basis. 

In those days, the harvest that I had to offer was yet to fully ripen. I could feel the power that was developing within my being, restricted by my system of martial arts understanding. Perfecting individual techniques was an effective way to cover my weaknesses and dominate certain opponents. However regarding the nature of my technique, I knew that my system of fighting was already at a plateau that required my youth to function effectively. Through the window of humility I was able to peer into the future and see myself retired before I was thirty. No matter how many foes I defeated in a ring of fickle glory, none could compare with the enemy of time. 

My physical plateau was related to my lack of mental development. The truth is the mind is the hand that wields the weapons of the body and an undeveloped mind wields counterfeit weapons. As I challenged my mind, it grew and expanded and then betrayed my former ideology of the warrior. It became clear that a warrior could not succeed if his battle was for the approval of others or an artificial form of glory. The path of approval and the path of purpose rarely move in the same direction. In fact as I allowed myself to be swallowed by my journey of truth, my new ideas of success were unrecognizable and even detestable to the world I once knew.  

The dawning of this reality would eventually lead me into a form of isolation. Ironically this isolation only made me more perceptive of the truth that most people failed to grasp, developing an even greater distance between me and my former universe. Eventually this distance created a sadness. Not for myself, but for the world that continued to hurry and race without direction. To my surprise, my journey of martial arts improvement was actually a journey of spiritual evolution. I had evolved into a visionary and could not unsee what was seen.  

I saw the world was covered in a darkness with a presence too heavy to ignore, yet too frightening to acknowledge. The truth of the ugliness of our society was erased, stripped and discarded as it was replaced by numbing, mindless distractions. Had I not changed my path, my only contribution would have been to the establishment of these distractions.  

Although we have all been created for a uniquely magnificent purpose, we've been swindled into becoming dull copies of death. I mourn for the deceased that have fooled themselves into thinking they are still alive. Yet my every attempt to warn them has only been met with insults, forcing me to leave them to their delightful deceptions.  

Time continues to pass and I am blessed with a harvest of martial arts that exceeds even my dreams. The more I learn, the more I understand that I am only a beginner. Yet I still desire to share the fruits of my labor to all that I can. But within this harvest is power that isn't meant for the unripened mind. I seek more than ever to reach those who are hungry for purpose; a rare and quiet species that can see behind society's blanket of blindness. Do not fret if you have been rejected, for if you are hated by this society of confusion then you must also know some form of truth. 

Although it is our purpose to feed the world with the fruits of our harvest, there are those who have committed themselves to hunger. They feed on uncertainty and digest worry while clothing their naked fear in arrogance. Still they are the majority of the population and whichever route you choose to find truth, you will be met by the gauntlet of jealous insecurities. And when you are met with this resistance, it is vital that you do not slow your pace, but push even harder. Mockery is the language of the blind and often an indication that you are moving in the right direction. 

Be courageous, be blessed and be fruitful. When your harvest is ready, let it not be wasted on those who seek hunger.            

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