Monday, January 19, 2015

Warfox Training Rooms and Missions

In order to meet with the needs of students that are all over the world, I've decided to open the Warfox Training Rooms for FREE  online tutorials. 

Check out online tutorials for Soft Body Flowing Baguazhang on my facebook page, "The Warfox Training Room."


The Warfox Training Room is a free visual training blog with  tips to help people have a better understanding of the physics of this system of combat. 

There will be videos on an almost weekly basis to help my online students with their practice from the comfort of their home. The first room is focused on the Heaven Section of training, meaning it is the simple truth of how techniques are used and applied.

After students have gained enough Warfox Experience points they will be able to advance to the  Warfox Water Section, which goes deeper into the mechanics, offering even more thorough explanations of training, combat and more.

Just as in Bagua there are eight rooms: Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth and Lake. New videos will continue throughout all the rooms, but the lethal movements and more dangerous concepts will not be introduced until the later rooms. Each room is a filter so that every student gets exactly what they are looking for. If your only interest is simple striking, then there is no need for you to go deeper into the next rooms. The Heaven Section (Warfox Training Room) will be plenty for those who are in need of basic combat defensive skills.

For the students who wish to go deeper, they will have to accept training missions in order to gain experience points for entry to the next room.

There are three types of training missions: Mind, Body and Spirit. Each one will be tailored to the individuals skills to help them better blend their martial existence with their daily life. To request a mission please send an email to

Please title the subject with "Mission Request" so that it doesn't go unnoticed.

The level of missions will also vary in difficulty: Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth and Lake. However in the beginning missions will all start simply to help the online student get a better understanding of the system.

Thank you and have fun training.



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