Friday, November 21, 2008


These are my two students from before who later became the masters students. This is a set from the Bagua sword practice techniques. Look at em go


E-blog said...

Hi Warren,

I am a disciple of CS Tang in Hong Kong, who was a disciple of Ho Ho Choy (a direct disciple of Gao Yisheng).

We are planning a trip to Taiwan in January and are hoping to see Zhang Zhun Feng's wife, Luo Deshou, He Jing Han and your master also (my sifu will probably contact him directly).

Loved you videos on Youtube - wanted to correspond over e-mail. What is your address? Or do you have facebook?


Warren Fox said...

Hey thanks for the heads up. I probably will be back in the states for a little while but here is my contact information so that we can keep in touch.
Also you can find me on face book under my name.