Sunday, November 16, 2008

My brothers Hapkido Demonstration in Seattle

This is my oldest brother Master Eddie in the beginning and the rest are who students who are also diligent. When I go back to the states we will open a school together along with my other brother Aaron who teaches wing chun. If your intrested in Bagua, Hapkido or Wing Chun this will be the place to be in the Seattle area. We will also have many other specialized instructors that focus on grappling, boxing, capoeira, and everything. Students will be able to design their own class according to their personal goals. This is the meaning of Tian Wu Dao. All are welcome. Oh yeah and Go bro!!


Ed said...

Hmm - interesting mix of styles that will be to have in one place! But are you going to try to "convert" your brothers to the dark side (baguazhang), or what? :D

(Also, always glad to meet another Ed...)

Warren Fox said...

Converting wont be needed. When we fight eachother we naturally steal techiniques. But over all we wont be able to mix too much, I think we both have enough on our plates.