Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Challenges Are Opportunities

In one of my previous post I discuss a little about how me and my two brothers were forced to learn martial arts at an early age because of reasons of protection. My father's rule was all of his children will start training at the age of 4. At that age I can tell you I really didn't like martial arts. But the town we stayed at in Ohio was extremely racist. I don't mean racism like he looked at me funny or he disrespected me. It was the kind that you would go into your locker to get your books and find a noose instead. My teachers even hated me in some classes. My family was one of the only black families in the entire town. So that meant for us we were fighting almost every week. I got in my first fight when I was 5 years old.

As we grew older the fights grew more serious. I found myself fighting with as many as 5 at once at times. This whole time training martial arts was only a tool that I used to get to and from class safely. I got used to having to be prepared to protect myself or my friends. It was a burden that eventually became my blessing. I never doubted whether or not martial arts was effective because I was already using it. I would hear people say things like, "High kicks don't work in a fight." I would think to myself but I have kicked so many people in the face.
For many people, martial arts is just a set of theories. But they are filled with uncertainty about there power, speed and effectiveness. Never knowing if what they are learning is truely real or not. Therefore most martial artists who begin at an early age quit before too much time passes.
SO I must be grateful for the racists that attacked me when I was younger. It was the rednecks, hicks and bullies that are responsible for my drive to perfect my technique.
Without them I may have gotten bored by now.

That being sad we all have to face difficulties. Although they may be very different situations, all of the challenges present us with an opportunity to grow stronger. Family problems, addictions, money etc. What is it that challenges you? What is your excuse for not becoming the person you have always wanted to be? There is no situation that cannot be overcome. There is no battle more important than the one within. Be grateful for your challenges, for they are what forge you into a true warrior.

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josh said...

This was a beautiful and honest article. Thank you very much for this food for thought.