Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tian Wu Dao (All martial artists under heaven)

This message is for the members of the Tian Wu Dao or anyone intrested in taking the red pill. As I have explained before martial arts is just a vehicle that can be used to unlock your potential. Of course many other activities can also help you refine and discover yourself but martial arts is the root of the Tian Wu Dao. This organization is designed to gather martial artists together from all different styles in order to learn, develop and preserve the arts. Unlike MMA or Jeet Kun Do the concept is not mix styles but to better learn how to use your style to deal with various scenarios i.e. multiple opponents, weapons and modern day technology. More importantly we focus on the concept of unlocking the hero within. Martial arts without purpose is just as useless as money without direction.

I learned Chinese and came to Asia to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of my art. After gathering information and meeting with many different masters I can see more clearly the direction of my quest and one of the many roles that the Tian Wu Dao are to play in the next chapter.

The problem that all martial artists are faced with whether they are masters in China or beginners in Europe is time. When do we have the time to keep improving and focusing on training if we have families to take care of, jobs to maintain and various pressures from society.
This problem is more dangerous and runs far deeper than most people realize. Martial arts is unique as it is passed in history from generation to generation because it is not something that you can record in a book. It must be learned, practiced and improved. This means that if no one has the time to practice then martial arts will eventually die. My masters son had no intrest in learning martial arts which means if I had not taken the responisbility of passing the style along it would have eventually become watered down and maybe just dissappeared.

The next problem is location, or financial concerns. How do I find a master? How do I pay for it? The desire to train is the first step towards learning but not everyone has the means to jump on a plane and go to the source.

The plan I have has many different parts which would help people on all sides of the spectrum. The first part I will have to do on my own which will be creating a fad through martial arts. Using movies and music to inspire young people to become excited about martial arts like never before. At the same time meeting with all of the masters in Asia and creating a network of information that would place every teacher that was willing on the map. This process of course will take a lot of help from everyone and would be a number of years before completing.

The next part is to establish a Tian Wu Dao training temple. In this dojo I would have all of the masters that I have become close with teach there for a steady generous income. Meaning they would not have to work a job on the side any longer unless they chose to. Giving them enough time to focus all there attention on there students. Creating an environment that the only responsiblity for the master and the student is training. So that the arts could continue on to future generations. At the same time we would set up a scholarship program for people who were intrested in martial arts but financially struggling to give them a chance to learn the arts as well as language. So ideally this temple would become more like a small university.

I don't want to give out any details on exactly how I plan on putting these things together for various reasons. I do want you to know that we are very close now. Because our website is down I felt this was the best way for me to keep you posted on recent events. To those who are intrested in the Tian Wu Dao. You can send me a personal email at
I will happily answer any questions you might have. We are always open to those with good hearts and open minds. In addition I should say that even though our root is martial arts, not every hero is a martial artist. Any skill that you can offer can help us reach the next level.

Warriors to masters,


奠乃馬其 said...

You know what? I have another plan like this. I hope there will be a building in about 10 years, and lessons about body arts will be raised here. But I think the idea of an university is much better than mine...COOL~

Leito Lee

Warren Fox said...

I hope that you would offer your services in our school. Working together things always move faster. Plus I like your Baji.

Oceanpages said...
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J.A.F. said...

You know I am down. There have been some exciting developments on the business front that will definitely help make this a reality. More to come soon...

josh said...

This is a great plan. Maybe in several years my Hsing-I and Bagua will be at a level where I could contribute to this worthy cause.

Good luck and many blessings to you.

nazty nate said...

hey its spring remember the little kid who would come there everyday and u guys tought how to fight and flip well iv been searching for the past five years for u so hit me back fox or fury or rhino or whoever remembers me at myspace nazty nate

Warren Fox said...

Spring of course I remember you. Where are you at these days? Are you still training at all? Don't worry we will be able to meet up soon as we step into the new chapter of Tian Wu Dao. Hit me at my email