Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bagua Seminar in Seattle Before I Leave

I have recieved a lot of emails from individuals that wanted me to teach them or open a school in the Seattle area. Before I leave I would love to at least provide an opportunity for individuals who are intrested to learn a major section of Gao Bagua. I am going to offer lessons for those who are dedicated from the 22nd of June untill the 26th of June in the Seattle area. I will teach the complete Heaven section which includes 8 post Heaven movements, foot work, applications for combat and Pre heaven movements. For those who have an intrest in Bagua this will be a great opportunity to begin your training. For others who are more experienced it will be an opportunity to advance your skills. All individuals with good attitudes are welcome. It will be 5 days filled with a lot of information so is it is recommended that you bring something to take notes or video record. Classes will be held for 2 hours and the total price will be 50 bucks. Making classes 5 dollars an hour. I will decide the location as the date gets closer but all of those who are intrested please make a comment or send me a personal email. It might also be a good time for you to learn more about Tian Wu Dao.

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Onyx Palms said...

i know that i'm 3 years too late to attend the workshop you offered, but i was wondering when you would be back in the Seattle area because i have been searching for proper instruction in bagua here in Seattle, but so far have come up blank. I goggled Seattle Bagua, but the only things the search found were mostly taijiquan instructors who dabbled(for lack of a better word)in bagua and that was it. then i came across your blog which is odd because i follow your channel on youtube so i recognised who you were immediately. so if your ever back in Seattle to teach bagua please reach out to me because i would love to attend your classes. thank you for your time.

Marcell Ebo