Sunday, January 3, 2010


The hardest part of training Bagua is the amount of information and movements that must be practiced and memorized until they are effective. If I spend everyday thinking about all 8000 movements, weapons, power development and new research that needs to be done it can begin to stress me out a bit. Mapping out a plan with thousands of tiny pieces seems like an insurmountable task. On the other hand no matter how complex something may seem, it is at the same time very simple. Just the same as love, sometimes looking at things through a microscope can actually take you out of focus. In the end Bagua is just a combination of circles. Making a circle around your opponent, a circle with in your hands and your body, a circle with your qi. Of course a circle has 360 degrees, angles, etc. But what is the point of making things more complex than what they actually are? My master's father once said, " If you practice walking your circle making a thousand revolutions a day, for a thousand days, you will have perfect kung fu."
This means that even without learning the details of every movement you can still reach perfection through your commitment. Making a thousand revolutions would take you about 10 hours, and one thousand days is about three years. Meaning that with a non stop relationship you could reach mastery of the art in a short time period. But how many of us have ten hours a day?

I think to try to force yourself to spend a lot of time everyday on a project is also a good way to give yourself pressure, stress and eventually drive yourself to quit. If you are learning a language it is not important to spend ten hours studying a day because there is only so much that the mind can retain. It is more important that you study the language daily, even if only for ten minutes a day. If you learn one word a day in a year you have learned 356 words. The average educated person uses about 150 to 200 words a day. You may not have a perfect understanding of the language and there of course is more to learn, but celebrate the progress you have made today. Make sure that you don't let one day go by without putting in ten minutes to your quest. You are already the person that you wish to become, or the desires wouldn't have been placed in your heart. Now all you have to do is commit to yourself and you will be recreated. Every obstacle, injury, set back and let down is a part of your strengthening. Some days we have to move slower than others, but we must never stop.

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