Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Adventure Of Your Life

A lot of times we may find ourselves frustrated because we are lacking tools needed to achieve our goals. Lack of money, time, or whatever can lead us to believe that we don't even have the necessary components to begin our quest. How can you learn kung fu if there are no teachers in your area? How can you go to another country if you don't have any money? How can you get any money if there aren't any jobs available?

We all come into problems and questions that can create doubt for our own identities. Focusing on what we don't have is the perfect recipe for depression. Especially when you have all of those personal problems added in like your relationship, job or whatever. How can we achieve anything if the deck is stacked against us?

The good news is that all of these little "problems" that you have are the challenges that you need to get to your goal. No matter how insignificant an event may seem it may be the most important part of your training.

First you must understand that there is nothing that you can't do and there is no one who is better than you. As a citizen of the Earth you have just as much right to anything as anyone else. It is our faith in rules placed upon us that is the source of our frustration, not life itself. Some very smart and very greedy people would have you believe the illusion cast upon you. You can't fish without a license, you can't start your own company or even that the house you live in isn't your own are regulations that were decided before you were born. And everything you see is designed to make you see the weakness within yourself. The truth is that if you knew you were strong, then you wouldn't need to buy any of the junk they always sell.

Real kung fu is not about fighting, competing or ranks; it's all about the training. When I am practicing a technique there is nothing else that exists aside from the movement. I train until I can feel the ache in my legs, until my hands quiver, until my eyes water from the pain and I am grateful to be just a little bit stronger than yesterday. The truth of who I am begins to release into my spirit and slowly the world of illusions around me takes less effect. When commercials tell me I am not good enough I smile, when my boss threatens me I smirk, when they tell me I should be scared of the terrors outside I laugh. I know my goal will be attained and everything they throw at me is just another step.

The best thing about life is that at anytime of the day you can decide to be great. Take all of your disadvantages and stare them down with the power of your spirit. No matter how terrible your situation may seem, the fear of the result is much worse than the result itself. Be excited about taking the risks that pull you closer to your goals. There is no failure, only more experience. Only take advice from people who seek greatness in you. Live a life with the freedom of fear.

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