Saturday, June 11, 2011


Amidst the training of thousands of moves my mind wanders into the sea of undiscovered options. Counter techniques and new footwork applications that haven't been explored for dynasties. The Tianwudao, my kung fu brothers and my master all help me to reach deeper within myself. Still ultimately my quest can only be carried out by me. Guided in faith I seek the truth behind each technique. In every move is a fragment of mirror that reflects the truth in me. The light that radiates from the mirrors is the only true power I have. In my daily training and focus I continue to unlock to myself perfect gifts.

These gifts remain cluttered in a series of locks all with different combinations. So it only makes sense for me to dive deeper into my combination training. When I practice a combination I find the speed between speeds. Awkward movements and possible weak points bury themselves within the cracks of timing. Unpracticed movements create a paste in my reactions, leaving me vulnerable to surprise frays.

Some other gifts may be found in the routine watering of a single movement for a season. Making sure that the movement finds itself in every learning session of everyday. It can be painfully boring to drill the techniques that are old or unexciting. But many of the greatest gifts hide themselves in the bones of ageless repetition. A revelation awaits at the end of every season, another addition to my collection of mirrors.

My revelation for this season has brought me deeper into the understanding of good. Only by continually stripping away at our darkness can we gain wisdom. The agony of doing the right thing is contradictory to our imperfect self. Yet it unlocks every gift that will be needed to win the war inside of the mirror. From inside to out we must remain diligent. To dwell on any doubt will only feed the possibility of my defeat. While bearing love failure doesn't even exist.

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