Saturday, July 30, 2011


The real meaning of martial arts may begin with learning and understanding techniques but at a deeper level it teaches us focus. Giving us the ability to notice what is power and where it stems from while also being able to avoid hidden danger. As it continues to seep into my being I am able to see more and know more about myself and what it is I desire and need. The practice of the art must continually be applied in the decisions of my life in order to protect myself.

My latest revelation has brought me to ponder about the people of the past and the people of present. We are taught that the primitive ways of the past generations were obsoleted with the birth of technology developing into a more "advanced" society. From guns, cars, computers and cell phones we are just plain smarter than the people before us.

This is the energy I draw from many individuals who are blinded by the arrogance of the ignorance. Yes it is true that we are in many was better off because of the convenience of our modern society. Still in many ways we have become completely cripple in ceasing to do things that might make us stronger. Isn't it in inconvenience that we are called to bring more out of ourselves? The "lesser" people were able to grow food, catch food, heal their own wounds, purify their own water, tell stories, make shelter and on and on. These are only basic skills that are needed for our survival yet how many of us can do two of the skills that I have listed here?

In my years of training I often hear those say that they do not practice martial arts because they can just buy a gun. Sure a gun gives you the ability to kill someone if you need. I can also kill using martial arts, more importantly I can choose not to kill. I can control the situation before it occurs by using the strengthening of my mind that I have learned through martial arts. I also never have to worry about bringing martial arts with me. I may not have all of the advantages of a gun, but I am more powerful in many ways.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a gun, but I am saying that you should make sure you truly have strength in your being. Every technology that comes out makes us more reliant on people who may not trustworthy. As technology grows our strength in body and mind lessen. How many phone numbers do you have memorized? Do you know how to sew an open wound if you have to? We can not let ourselves continue to devolve because of convenience. From a martial arts stand point, it is the most dangerous position to be in.

The answer is to learn the art of self preservation. Begin to train yourself slowly to be self sufficient. If you are a martial artist already you do not need to dwell too much on self defense. But even the mightiest warrior is useless if he can not eat. Learn to grow or store food incase the unexpected actually happens. Be aware of the natural disasters in your area (natural and man made) so that you can have escape routes in place. Do not pretend you don't know what's going on just because it's easier. Take responsibility for your life...or you might lose it.

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