Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bagua Masters Unlimited

Sometimes a workout can stimulate a thought of something we can not fully understand until days or even months after the fact. Three days ago in the midst of my flow training I made a connection. A deep connection that exposed the cores of movement centralized between myself and the earth. I gazed into an endless sea of techniques that had previously overwhelmed me and for the first time I was filled with great confidence.

I wasn't sure what it meant but as I set at my desk and looked around at passing individuals I was able to see the truth of the nature of Bagua and Dong Hai Chuan's earlier intentions. It was something that Bruce Lee also tried to explain but was unable to put into place before he passed. Energy it seems will keep being reborn until a container can finally hold it's presence. The problem with Bagua being, there is what would seem to be too much energy to contain.

My master and I both sacrificed a great deal of time, as he used every method possible both pleasant and unpleasant to deliver the mountain of information. Even with my experience in the arts it took the better part of a decade for me to obtain the "bulk" of techniques that he had. Of course like most arts it is a life time commitment that will slowly open itself to you over the years. The problem being as you teach, it continues to grow into more.

As I sat at my office and saw coworkers and students passing back and forth, I began to see the different types of Bagua masters they would become. Bagua is like a computer, a new technology that can enhance each individual in a unique way. I found a way to personalize each training regime so that every student will eventually become his own master. Mastering techniques that no one in the world will be able to do as well. For the first time ever, a martial arts class that is designed to show you your own super power.

These techniques will act as the seed of your development, giving you strong roots if you choose to add the waters of motivation. The goal is to have thousands of masters each with their own personalized style. The program contains training, reviewing and researching, meaning at the end of each program you will be assigned a technique to "find" or "rediscover".

If you are interested, make a plan to contact me and work out a schedule. It may not happen right away but there is nothing more important to me than getting this information out. If I can teach everything that I have learned it is not enough, I must teach until you know more than me.

As I travel the globe it is unrealistic that I will be able to teach any individual all of the movements (unless he so chooses). But I can teach you to maximize your potential through your talent, interests and experience. The universe of Bagua is so big that no matter where you are, you are at the center of it. In a sense, I will teach you how to develop your own style. Then it will be up to you to pass it along, leaving the traditional movements intact as your own personal map to your future.

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