Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peace is balance

The process of trying to master one's self is a journey that first requires us to know ourselves. A step that is so easily over looked when trying to find a mate, teacher, job or other "needs". We tend to focus much more on what we want, than who we are. The truth is we can not know what we want until we first find who we are. If you find the perfect job and later discover more about yourself, that same job may turn into a nightmare. As we so often hear but forget daily, "the journey starts within."

That means that you are going to have to first draw a line between who you are and who you want to become. Then we have to shed our true self from society's perception of our self. This takes a long deep look into the flowing river in your mind. What is it you have done up to this point? Are you proud of who you are? Is there anything you have wanted that you have ignored?

Life gets us so busy often times we completely forget to ask ourselves the most important question, "Am I happy?" Most of us spend time feeling anxiety for things that have yet to happen. In our mind running through all of our fears of the possibilities of things going wrong, Even at moments we should be enjoying ourselves our joy can be stolen by dark thoughts. How can we ever be happy if we torture ourselves with negative possibilities? Before we can begin to see ourselves clearly, we have to take out all the trash.

Then, see the three parts that sum you up: physical, mental and artistic. In these three parts we can find a balance within ourselves and they must be attended to daily. It is easy to neglect one or even two of these factors when we are focused on our job. I hear "I don't have time to exercise" about 10 times a day. We all have as much time as we allow for ourselves, the sad fact is for your boss you will bend over backwards and for your own health you will do nothing. To choose not to do any exercise is to waste one's true wealth.

Mentally you must continue to learn. We generally think of learning as a period of time that should end when we graduate, but we should never graduate from betterment of mind. Take the time to learn about everything you have ever wanted to know. Indulge into learning with out having the hassle of a deadline or a test. I'm not talking about learning so you can get paid more, I'm talking about learning so you can feel more. While learning new information your mind stays sharp and your wit will always be your best weapon.

Lastly is the artistic part of you that you may or may not know about. In a sense learning to play an instrument or draw up a vision you can only see in your mind is a way to express yourself beyond words. Do not forget that anything can be art through the right looking glass. Math is art if you know the right equation. Art is a skill that can be used to resolve problems and easy pain. Artists usually don't get paid much, but they control every atmosphere that we live in.

These three parts of yourself must always been continually growing and developing. Write out a plan to make sure that within a week all of these things can be cultivated. Maybe it's been a long time since you have even thought about some of these old "hobbies". Maybe that's why your slowly becoming someone you don't recognize. It's never too late to come back to you.

The real secret to maintaining energy in all of your developments is to not hurry. There is no rush to becoming a master, or becoming fluent in another language. Anything that makes you feel rushed is not going to be enjoyable. Anything that you don't enjoy will ultimately be temporary.

When these parts of you continue to grow from within, you will have true riches that will weather through a rotten economy. After all this you can look in the mirror and see a much clearer reflection of you. Now that you know who you are, go find out what it is you want.


Jason said...

Terrific post!

Erica said...

This is very informative! Very detailed. Thanks.

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