Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of Fall

Fallen Staff  -The perfect training for the end of fall has been with the staff. As the cold makes the leaves crisp they are easy to fall with the lightest touch. By using staff attacks I remove one leaf from the tree at a time making sure not to touch the other branches. The slightest in accuracy will cause the leaves to fall and I have to begin my count again. I must remove 100 leaves at great speed without hitting an undesired leaf in the process. This workout is internal with movement, but you are sure to gain a lot of muscle in the end.

Brisk Blades- Saber and sword training are also great for fall conditions. However the two types of blade training are very different. The saber can be used to first bang the tree and then slice the leaves as the fall. The back of the blade acts as a hammer or shield when defending an attack. After the forces shoots through the tree the leaves will fall giving you a chance to attack multiple targets before stopping. It is most important to make sure every slice is channelled through the ground. Keep a  low stance is priority as you step along the rooted forest ground.

Solem Sword-The sword is much more of a patience and reactions game. Wait for a day that the wind gust are strong enough to pull the leaves off of the tree. You using footwork from the nine palaces will allow you to flow continually while letting the sword strike through the breeze. It is best to practice piercing attacks instead of slices. See how many leaves you can stack at the end of your blade before having to start over.

If you haven't started your fall training yet then it's time to jump into winter season. I could smell the winter in the air today and it's time to change the tires of my training for snow. My biggest goal is to focus on my ice spear training. I intend to learn all about the winter season through the eyes of my spear for the first time. I will take lots of notes and bring you the update when it comes into spring time. Train baby train!


Jason said...

What are you doing in the top picture? Is that some type of qing gong training?

Warren Fox said...

No that is a picture of old school ninjitsu training. That was the class of Tianwudao back in 2000. I didn't even jump the highest.

Then again jumping itself is a type of Qi energy and development.

Jason said...

Ah, okay. Thanks.