Monday, March 19, 2012

Bagua is Super Bad!!

This is a video I shot from a still camera (thanks Cloak). It just kind of shows some training ideas I have been playing with.  Keep training!!


Jason said...

Good video. Its cool that you workout to James Brown. I'm not a huge fan but my personal anthem is The Boss (I do love the entire Black Ceasar soundtrack)

Warren Fox said...

I haven't worked out to James Brown for decades. I usually put my vids up with my own songs, but i don't have a studio where I am. So I figured I pay a tribute to my dad's old training regiment. I don't think me or my brother like listening to James Brown too much these days.....(repressed memories)

joshart said...

Awesome video. I like your kicks. They're very fluid. Who says bagua doesnt have high kicks!! HAHA