Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Choice

People mostly like to discuss the difference between fighting styles in the martial arts world. In my short time in America I have been bombarded with remarks about MMA and the different "strategies" they use to beat an opponent. They debate over the minute details that cause the victor to submerge. But there is never a real victor. There was never even a fight. At least not one that took place in the arena.

There are many battles that lie in the road for us whether or not we are martial artists. Anger, Fear and Grief are dangerous foes that lurk in the shadows when no one else is around. The negative feelings that continually remind us to doubt our worth and empower the lusts of our flesh. Our pure soul is bound by our flesh containers that desire the things of this world. The real fight takes place in your ability to continually do the right thing. It's easy to hurt someone that you don't know. It's immensely more difficult to not hurt the ones that you do know. The real battle takes place from within and that is a place that modern day "warriors" fear to go the most.

The question of "How we fight" is not nearly as important as the question of "Why we fight". How we fight, in fact, is going to be entirely affected by the reason of why we fight. If you are fighting to show the world how powerful you are then you will find that your ability will always be limited. If your reasoning is pride alone you will undoubtedly reach a time of fall. Trying to use your talent to force your way to the top is the same as trying to pick yourself in the air with your own two arms! If we are to ever be raised to a higher level it is because of the arms of a much higher force. This force will only be able to guide your actions if you continue to walk in the way of the righteous. Your soul has to gain access to the control panel of your soul or you will be lead by the flesh on autopilot. Trying to bring your soul to control the flesh will be the hardest fight you will ever have. You will need to call his name to even attempt to fight it.

"Television will rot your brain" Is something that we hear all too often. I will let you know that television will also rot your dream. It is a false educational system that continually reminds you how to think and react to your circumstances. You should feel worried now, you should feel upset later, and on and on. These signals are sent to your flesh and will cause you to actually believe that martial arts is for fighting other martial artist for a tiny taste of recognition. A true champion uses his art to fight against the real bad guys. The bad guys are not as hard to find as people pretend. It is the flesh that has completely dominated the soul of others and feeds off of every flavor of greed. They use martial arts to entertain and distract real heroes from ever truly knowing their path. The more distracted heroes there are, the less they have to worry about their own necks.

To run out and attack these foes that have given into their lusts would only be pleasing your own fleshly desires to release your rage. There are countless snares that we are unable to identify with our limited time upon the earth. This is why it is crucial that God be your guide upon any route or art that you might take. What he wants for you is more than you want for yourself and it is your trust in him that will release your dream. If he be for you, who can be against you?

The world is closely stepping into a new dimension. If you don't have the right connections, you will spin off into space, void and emptiness. I know this is a Bagua blog, but I would be irresponsible not to say something in these times. All of your dreams are about to come true if you are on one path and the other is the promised nightmare. It's time to make a choice.

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