Friday, June 29, 2012

Excuses for Evil

After spending a third of my life in Asia I am having difficulty adjusting to life in the states. Actually I never really "fit in" in the states in the first place, which is one of the greatest factors for me leaving. I grew up fighting with those who hated me because of my skin color. This made me a better martial artists but most importantly it made me aware of the invisible dangers that most individuals pretend not to see. 

It wasn't long before I noticed other kids on the playground that were being picked on for different reasons other than my own. Many of them were nerds, weirdos or just different than the other kids so they attracted the same types of violence that I did. I hated bullies of every kind and I wasn't going to allow anyone to be picked on in front of me for any reason. I attacked the attackers and befriended the victims. At the age of 10 I had already established a group of 20 kids that united together and we all became safe from the bullies that would seek to take advantage of any one of us. 

As I grew older I found that it wasn't necessary to fit in just as long as we supported each other. One day I saw someone's bike being stolen and I made sure those kids would never have an interest in stealing a bike again. I beat them so badly that one of the kids later asked me to teach him martial arts. My only goal was to defend myself and the ones I cared for, but my actions continually expanded our group. 

I hadn't changed much when I got to the university, because that is when we established the Tianwudao. Being older I learned that fighting was limited because problems and bullies were much more organized. How do you fight someone who steals someones house? After all money equals freedom of speech. 

Bullies became corporations and had the law on their side for every circumstance. When I worked at the clothing store for my part time job, I saw that any of the clothes that had a flaw were thrown away into the burn pile. It upset me because I saw so many people just right down the block from the store that needed clothes, shoes or any thing that could help them through the winter.

When I worked in the food industry I saw mounds of food that were thrown away daily with locks on the trash to prevent anyone who was hungry from stealing the food in the garbage. 

As a musician I was told I had to make my lyrics more focused around blings, sex and cars. It wasn't "cool" to talk about the real things that were going on in our lives that might inspire people to see more deeply. We used to rap to tell stories, but it suddenly became more popular to battle and destroy the other person. That is of course more "entertaining".

I competed in martial arts competitions that cheered for us to destroy each other for money, prizes and trophies while killing our bodies and brains. 

It seemed that no matter what I tried to do I was forced to pretend to not see the evil. It was obvious to me that I would never fit in. Leaving the country was the only option that I had. 

When I got to China I never saw a fortune cookie. I never saw any of the things I had heard about in my country about Asia aside from asian people. I definitely never saw communism. I saw a bunch of capitalist doing there best to keep up with the Western world. They were in a hurry to throw out their culture in exchange for greed and material things. I saw millionaires being serviced by the poor just as it  was back at home. 

After nearly a decade I returned to my home just to observe. I am even more of an outsider than I was before, but my training has let me see things much more clearly than I had anticipated. I learned that I have a deep, deep love for Americans. I love Americans so much that I even like the ones that don't like me. What we represent is a miracle for the world to witness. But what we actually are is a group of distracted individuals. The bullies have teamed up and taken everything that we never knew we had.

Our strongest warriors have been convinced that a ball is the only way they will make a living. We will never see their true strength if they stood together to defend the broken communities which they came from.

Our greatest minds have been given an unanswerable political riddle that will actually not have any affect over our immediate lives. They are forced to argue, debate and ponder over false issues when they could change the world with one thought in the right direction.

Scientist try to debate against God, but it was God who made Science. One without the other is the Yin with out the Yang and balance will never be achieved. 

Artists of all types are not given a real place in society, forcing them to scrounge for jobs and eventually sell out. Artists are the ones who teach us to think and see freely. It's no wonder they create terms like "starving artists" in order to scare those from harnessing the power of God. Imagination.

Education systems only teach 2 of the 12 different types of intelligences, putting 5/6 of our children at a learning disadvantage. The rest will have to be medicated because it is unnatural to sit at a desk for 7 hours a day. Especially if you are a child.

All meaning in music and even talent has been taken out so that people would numb their minds with loud and robotic rhythms that can only be enjoyed with the assistance of drugs.

The worst part is I can't say this to anyone unless I put it on my blog. People feel the need to defend the system that they were born into because of the false idea that it is benefiting them. By making the rest of the world look like it's chaos, we feel safe at home in our invisible prison. 

I'm not writing this as a means to point out the bad, but as I way to awaken the good. People some how believe that they are living a good life just because nothing bad is happening. It is the same as not complaining about being in a wrist or ankle lock because the pain has subsided. I understand that it is hard to stand up when everyone else is sitting down. Yet shouldn't we at least stand up for our children who will be born in debt? How will the cycle end if we don't end it ourselves? 

When I taught martial arts to the kids that had been bullied on the playground, I had to first understand why they didn't defend themselves. Some told me that it was because they didn't know how. Others told me it was because they didn't care. The students who became the most powerful were the ones that told me the truth.  "I'm scared." Just as alcoholism, admitting the problem is the first and most important step. 

The truth is that the bullies are more scared of you than you are of them. That is why there is so much being invested in distracting you. Cause if one day you decided to join together with your neighbor, we would be Americans again. You are much more than just a vote. You are a king/queen of your life. Just because you weren't born with as much money as so many that run the country, doesn't mean you should have less freedom. 

Then again what do I know. I don't even fit in. 


Jason said...

Another fantastic post!

Justin said...

Man this one brought tears. You have a gift. God bless.

Eternal Journeys Admin said...

Great post its very sad how far America, UK and Europe have come from common sense and treating each other well. Slaves defending the the slave training system. All the best for you in America I hope people value what you have brought back.