Sunday, June 17, 2012

My teaching method

Before I mentioned my desire to open a school. My greatest passion has always been seeing people come into the understanding of their power. Every persons attributes, strengths and talents are completely different so it is important for a teacher to see his student clearly. I often see people that I don't know who are dripping with potential with different kung fu techniques, weapons and specialties. It sometimes a janitor, a waitress, an athlete or "a nobody".

He is nobody to everyone else, but in my eyes I see he is the deadliest dagger master there has ever been. Looking at him I almost begin drooling while wondering how I can get this guy to hold my daggers. A very simple situation that if done incorrectly can make me look like some kind of pervert. So I tend to keep to myself and use little hints to see if I can spark his interest in training indirectly. This can be done with speaking riddles, or physical riddles.

A physical riddle is something involving placement and timing. By cutting off his path way suddenly, I can get an understanding of how he deals with energy. If he steps back, side ways, pauses, waits or stumbles I will have a great deal of data that can help me initiate his training program.

Of course this isn't how I train my students who I can have a much more deliberate and intimate relationship with. My goal is to find the weakness in my student and show him how to overcome and change it to his favor. The problem he has in training is directly related to the problem he has at work or in his relationship. If his problem is patience, then it is important for him to train the movements that will teach him to control his impatience.

Finding his weakness will also allow me to find his strength. People who are impatient tend to be faster thinkers and can quickly learn dexterity-oriented attacks. Once the student understands the yin and yang, or weakness and strength within he will have received his first seed. The seed itself is already complete and even if he never sees me again, the seed will grow into infinity if they choose to water it. The seed also contains a secret that will blossom to the practitioner that he will be able to yield at anytime. I only want to show you bagua, so that you can learn to be a better fisherman...or whatever.

I tend to give my students names after their energy so that I can remember them easier. I am bad with names, but I am good at remembering energy. The name is usually discovered in the process of trading hands with the student.

Longterm students will more than likely have to be in my area. Don't worry though, I change areas often. Maybe one day I will be where you are. Especially if you know I lot of people who want a lot of Bagua.

I do make personalized DVD's however for anyone who is interested. Reach me on facebook or my gmail  ( and we can discuss what kind of program you are interested in.

When a nobody learns something special, he has the opportunity to see his own infinite potential. The truth is we're all nobodies. What we choose to do or not do is the make up of our reality. So by grabbing a piece of infinity in the physical form, you can later transfer that energy into your relationships, career and everything else you need. Thus begins the era of the warrior scholar. If a student receives enough seeds he becomes a master of his own trade. For example the dagger master that I would train would surpass my ability in daggers in time. As a successor I must always be training everything. This responsibility does not give me the opportunity to become intimate with one weapon. But all of our jobs are different and equally important.

The lawyer who doesn't have time can learn a simple breathing technique that would bring him more power and cunning in the courtroom. You could also be the supermodel who can protect her beauty with a chain whip. (You could even buy a chain whip necklace and wear it to work) But more importantly than you superpowers is that you are actually preserving history. Just by remembering one move, you can let that history survive in you and who you teach it to.

There will never be anything wrong with you learning how to power yourself up. This isn't fighting it is evolving. The chain whip increases eye power. Eye power is exactly what a supermodel needs on the run way. Whatever problem you got, I have the kung fu that can fix it for you. Learning kung fu is not nearly as fun as using it. So take some.

I'm the kung fu doctor, how can I help you?

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