Monday, June 17, 2013

Online Video 2 Power Training and Circle walking

This video for online learners teaches the full Ba Da Gang for Gao Style. This means you will have twelve movements to practice from the circle that will act as an energy and power enhancement to everything else you do. You could think of it as weight training for your internal energy. This training will revitalize your health as well as make you more combat effective.

This video is 73 minutes. Even though there is more information in this video, the price is the same as the last. 30 US dollars.

It is not necessary to have the first video in order to purchase this one. It stands alone as great for both health and learning beginning combat just as the first video. But the first video of the Heaven Sections first 8 movements plus this video will give you a more complete understanding of where your training is going. Hope you enjoy.

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