Sunday, May 8, 2011

How's your form?

It is true in the system of Bagua, the training of the movements is essential. The exact details of why the structure of the body is a certain way is important for unlocking your internal power. However in many Chinese styles the looking at ideas in terms of actual combat can be questionable. Not all of the arts remember the importance of continual combat training. All of the arts are useful for your life in many different ways but the core and birth of every art has been from combat. You must be prepared to fight when it comes time to fight. Your own personal training and research is important for you to find the answers that you are seeking for your quest. Fights will come at you in many forms. Be it physical, mental or spiritual all levels of combat must be met accordingly. The fight for confidence in a world of insecure thoughts can make it feel natural to want to quit. But be assured you are the son of the creator of the universe. At all times and hours of the day your potential is unlimited.

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