Friday, September 23, 2011

Everyone wins

It is often said that your desires are what cause you to suffer. Chasing after uncertainties and dreams will eventually lead you to be disappointed. You should let life happen around and through you while capitalizing on the opportunities that come. Wise words and mostly true. Your life is a puzzle piece that fits together in the whole of time and the universe, making a beautiful masterpiece. As Ghandi said, "What we do is insignificant but it's very important that we do it."

 It is all God's show and we can only do our part. Yet  your desires were also created by God. The things that you wish to do are more complex than you could ever know. Of course on the surface it may seem the same as other people. Everyone would love to have that job or everyone believes the same woman is beautiful. Looking deeper into the details you would find that even at the same job as your co-oworkers, you would rather do things differently. You would also find that there is a mate for you that can reach you in a way no other could. Your desires are a unique fingerprint unlike anyone else in the world. But we are not wise enough to identify all of the things that are good for us. So we must always seek council before we begin any quest.

Recently I have been emphasizing my circle training. I have seen my master do the movements to such a level of power and control that I felt the earth move from under me. Leaving me watching while understanding that his decades of training surpass my own age. It will take me at least twenty more years to begin learning the things that he is coming into an understanding of now. Yet my desires are not to be as good as he is. My desires are to be better than him in my own way. To use what God has given me to overcome the obstacles in my life.

As I went through the motions and harnessed the energy into the coiling points in my structure. I practiced the movements first at the slowest possible pace. Taking almost a minute to complete one movement. I made sure that every stance was so deep that it would be unbearable. Then after 40 minutes I added a snap at the end of every technique. I used much force on the snap but never exceeded more than a half inch motion. About 20 minutes later I switched into a endless energy. Moving swiftly but not fast. A continuous flow of energy from beginning to end......

Somewhere around this point in my training I lost where I was. I lost who I was. I was my master. I saw him inside of me as if I was a vessel and he was the pilot. Then there was a twitch in the air and I was operating my master's motion. For the first time, all of my technique was in the perfect position. Our energies flowed as an indescribable color. I enjoyed the feeling of moving within a different realm. Every turn and pivot was just where it needed to be. Then for only a fraction of a second, I saw my masters father, Wu Jin Yuan.

When I finished I felt like I had stepped out of a time machine as I almost fell to the ground dizzy. I didn't mention the details of my strange experience to my student. I hadn't finished digesting what had happened yet. Now I realized that I tapped into a frequency of some sort. I was practicing the movements at the same time as my master and my master's father. This of course seems crazy because Wu Jin Yuan has been passed for many years.

 Our bodies are antennas that can transport energy past our own dimension. To a place where we are all is connected in both purpose and desire. In this place there is no time.

 The endless energy that lives with in all of us is the same. The world being run by our flesh confuses our purpose into different ideas and religions. Only through knowing we are one will we know joy as a universe. I want everything great for you, just as you want everything great for me. Everyone wins.

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Jason said...

Tremendous post! It really resonated with me!