Friday, September 16, 2011


Sometimes the flaws in our technique can act as mirrors for the flaws in our character. Maybe we have a weakness in a punch because we lack the patience to practice it slowly. It could be that your unwillingness to commit is stopping your kick from gaining speed. Inconsistent practice doesn't allow for any technique to develop fully. Frustration is the same thing as anger especially when it causes you to be hard on yourself. If you punish yourself for not doing well, you are only going to do worse. We must encourage our technique and ourselves in order to enjoy our art.

No technique is perfect just as no person is perfect. In the end we are measured not by how many times we fell, but on how many times we got up. Learn to see your flaws for what they really are, "blessings in disguise."

When I was a young man I used to lie and exaggerate stories. I thought by making people think that I was more interesting they would accept me. The ironic thing is that I lied about all of the things that I really wanted to do. The desires inside of me were actually of a good nature, but my insecurities perverted it into something negative. In a since that is what a flaw is: truth that has been twisted.

I eventually had to deal with all of the consequences of my actions head on. Be assured all wrongs will come back to you, no one gets away with anything. The consequences of what happened left me battered and almost broken. Even as I felt deserted I continued to do all of the things that I loved. When you love something, it doesn't matter what your situation is, you will continue to do it. I didn't care anymore about trying to prove myself to the world. Yet all of the things I used to lie about came true.

It turns out that I was never a liar, I was only a dreamer. I projected many of the ideas that helped me to find my success. When I became secure in my being, I was able to use these thoughts to accelerate my growth.

So it is only by conquering our weak points we are able to gain strength. Before you can have strength, you must first have a flaw. So instead of being hard on yourself for your mistakes, overcome them. Then be proud that you have come to be a better individual. We all got problems, but every problem you conquer makes you wiser. Meaning the more troubled you are, the more wisdom you will have to gain.

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Jason said...

Very good post. Never thought of it in exactly that way.