Tuesday, September 20, 2011

With the Wind

Bagua is the art of eternal change. I have been training various methods of moving from one movement to the next while gaining power in every following technique. It feels much like harnessing the energy in the air through an electrical current. The more I relax the more I can feel the power surging within my core and just when I try to control it....it's gone.

The energy flows through me, but I do not own it. It is mine as long as I cooperate with the true current in the earth. I borrow it and can use it for many things just as long as I don't try to control it. The moment my thoughts are focused on "How do I control Energy" is the moment the energy leaves. For the energy to continually flow we must learn to let go of our "self".

The self is the part of you that seeks to do things for the reward that will come. We work for money and train for power. Everything that the self does is for something else. In our lives we become conflicted with many energies through making plans because we continue to ask "what's in it for me?"

This is a seemingly innocent thought but the roots travel into the soil of selfishness. Soon we find ourselves not doing things that would be good because there is no immediate reward involved. We also find ourselves doing bad deeds because there is a reward. Reversing our natural wiring and corrupting the nature of our existence.

When we can not see good things happening in our day, we must become the good thing for others. The energy you put out will always come back and sitting around waiting for life to be good to you is just lazy. Do every good thing that comes before your path because that is what you are called to do today. You will find that by ignoring your selfish needs you will actually help your "self" even more.

Now as I train I am learning no longer to see the destination of my attack but to allow the wind to tell it's story through me. I enjoy the cooperation of energy that allows me to paint my fingerprints in the universe in my own way. God is inside of both my movement and the wind, he is therefore the conductor of every thing good. Have you ever thought about all of the details that are in something good?

To meet the right person you must find someone who's sum of experience and ideas completely matches and reflects your own. Someone who has seen a mirror of life that is suited and tailored to only you. Every good thing you find has been on a road for a long time before finding you, meaning you should be enjoying the gifts that come to you, not controlling them. Remember that the best gifts can only be developed through time.

The more you try to plan your day, the more your going to be frustrated with the way things go. Let yourself become one with the wind.


Jason said...

Another well written post Fox. However, I didn't understand the bit about not controlling energy. How does one not control energy and use it? Or were you saying not to try and own the energy? Or by control did you mean you don't attempt to make having this energy a permanent thing?

I ask this because I imagine there must be some control of the energy in order to utilize it for attack and defense. Or is this something that comes natural in Bagua once you have learned it...the energy just flows and "knows" how to best be used?

Anyway, good post, I enjoyed it overall.

Warren Fox said...

Maybe it's better to say you are not in command of the energy. You can harness the energy as it flows through you to do many things could be thought of as control.

Thanks for the comments and support.

Jason said...

AH! Got it! Thanks!