Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Follow Through

There is a Chinese idiom that is one of my favorites: 一諾千金. It means that your word is a s good as a thousand gold pieces. You must never say anything unless you intend to do it. Once you have committed to an attack, to stop half way would leave you even more vulnerable to your opponent. Where as even missing will place you in a position for a better recovery than a half movement.

Myself I have been in the middle of many projects that all require attention. I am continually writing songs, designing fight scenes, researching new techniques, translating the scrolls for various masters, reviewing thousands of movements, designing better training programs and of course writing my book. This is all in the process of adjusting to my life in America and filling out mountains of paperwork to bring my wife home.

There are only so many hours in the day but everything thing must be finished. The best way to finish projects at the same time is to prioritize. These projects are going to continue stacking up until I knock some of the bigger projects down. My book so far is a total of 800 pages and rewriting it is quite time consuming. However I must put this onto the front burner so that other activities can take place. I plan to have the rewrite finished by November 11th. (My favorite video game comes out then)

Many other projects rely on the assistance of someone else, just as when I finish my book, publishing it will be a different project. At least once it is finished, I won't have to worry about writing it anymore. The good news is, you're going to love it! It's way cooler than my blog.

The other project on the front burner is training my student to fight in MMA. I  know he is going to do some serious damage and shut up a lot of skeptics about Bagua. The only problem is, I have to really water the movements down so that he doesn't seriously hurt someone. The only problem being the most correct way to do the technique is also the deadliest way to do it. The angles that give the most power are the same angles that break the most bones. As the successor of the style it is not my responsibility to make sure the style is "sport safe." My students will all be given a full blueprint of the style and what they choose to do with it, is there own.


joshart said...

are you back in the seattle area by any chance?

Warren Fox said...

Right now I am in Pullman, but after I finish some projects I will be mobile. What's up"

joshart said...

Oh nothing..... (shifts eyes)

Just curious :D

Is pullman in Washington?

P.S. Your blog rocks!!!

Jason said...

You have some interesting things going on. Looking forward to your book. I am curious though and maybe I missed your reason in an earlier article you did, but why did you return to the States?