Saturday, October 29, 2011

Seminars, Questions and Comments!

I have been truly blessed to be able to finally come into contact with the style that I had been searching for most my life. Bagua is the most potent style I have ever come in contact with in regards of combat, healing and research. Each movement is a seed that through practice will become a fruit that will bear thousands more seeds. Meaning that if you start with almost ten thousands seeds, you will soon find yourself in a harvest of countless possibilities.

Today I am faced with the challenge of spreading these seeds across the world so that everyone who desires to may grow their own fruit. I do this not only because it is my responsibility, but because it is necessary for my safety.

The truth is as I practice and meditate on the movements they continually divide into countless mathematical equations. At times the thoughts actually create a weight within my mind slowing down my processing ability on every day thoughts. I literally find myself lost in the supermarket splitting the atoms of different palm techniques.

Lucky for me I am still very young to this new world of quantum martial arts so the side effects of these problems are very minor. By passing on the things that I have learned I unload my mind of the old information and am able to think freely on the new growing and developing ideas. The older information is seen in the students making them into new data containers. Every student that I teach is a load off my mind.

This December I will be going to Scotland to teach a seminar where my goal is to unload enough information in a few days that can be digested over the course of a few years. Yet I would like to hold a yearly seminar, ensuring they always have a heavy dose of Gao Bagua. This is a wonderful opportunity for myself and Scotland to grow within our realms of understanding. If there are enough students in any area I would happily offer my services to the dedicated. New students are my only chance of maintaing my sanity. It would also be great to not be the only person taking crazy pills.

I am not only grateful to those of you that have been following my progress, I need you in order to pass on the legacy that has been given to me. My book is near completion and I have dozens of projects that will be filled with the art, yet the only way Bagua will be able to survive is in a living container. So I am begging for comments, questions and different thoughts. Bagua is just too good to be stuck in one place.

Let's work together and share the dream.

2 comments: said...

What a nice article, ba gua is surely the best matial arts there is!!!!

Eternal Journeys Admin said...

Best of luck in your seminars, I hope they are well recieved and people realise the gems!