Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Light is less visible through a dirty glass. For us light symbolizes the power we attain through our positive efforts. These efforts create a pathway that will ultimately lead to our dream. While on this pathway we feel at rest and no obstacle can stop the force that is within us. Yet this force leaves us even as we think dark thoughts.  Dark thoughts soon become soiled gestures and our pathway to perfection is unseen. Lost again in a crowded office, the loneliest person alive.

Dark thoughts are something that come to all of us, usually at a time we feel vulnerable. The sad truth is this negative thought of vulnerability is what attacks at the wisdom that would reside in us. Wisdom can never accompany unrighteousness. Therefore when we involve ourselves in this energy we are unable to access our powers: creativity, insight, passion, charisma and all other heroic traits. Fear comes in many shapes and strangles the potential of what we could do in every minute of the day. Call the light by name and it will always return to you. When you debate about the little matters you waste time you could be spending on your growth. Who cares if people don't know what you know? What difference does it make if you think I'm a dreamer? 

Live as a righteous example and all that you have will be blessed. Kung fu with the wrong habits is a sure path to self-destruction. It must always be righteousness before kung fu for you to know any real power. I only speak to those who listen and those who don't are not a part of a problem I am able to solve. Many are addicted to darkness and claim to love the agony within. Pity them as they mock you for wanting more. There will come a time for all of us to face the person we have been. Lying to one's heart rots the soul. On the surface money may look cozy, but nothing compares to being loved. There really shouldn't even be a decision. 

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