Saturday, May 31, 2008


In Short

I study Gao-Style Bagua (), or more specificaly, Soft Body, Repeating Hands Bagua (柔身連環八卦掌). The lineage started with Dong Hai Chuan, then passed to Cheng Ting Hua, then Gao Yi Sheng, then to Wu Jin Yuan (my master's father), and then to Wu Guo Zheng (my master). Until recently, it was taught almost exclusively to the military. I have now been given permission to open it to the public.

More Details

Dong Hai Chuan (董海川) founded the first lineage of Ba Gua 200 hundred years ago in Mainland China. Like Tai Ji, it expanded over time to include a wide variety of styles and lineages. Dong Hai Chuan taught the style to over a dozen apprentices, but his main successors were Cheng Ting Hua (程廷華) and Yi Fu. Every instructor of the system has added their own unique flavor to the style, which each develped into different lineage names. This system was developed by Cheng Ting Hua and Gao Yi Sheng, hence the name Cheng Gao Ba Gua.

Gao Yi Sheng was stationed as a body guard in the Dong Shan Province of Mainland China. Gao's successor, Wu Jin Yuan, began studying the art at the age of 8. Wu then fled China in the years leading up to the Cultural Revolution, bringing the style with him to Xinzhu, Taiwan. Wu went on to teach for over 40 years, passing down the art to a number a people, including his son, Wú GuóZhèng (吳國正師父) who now carries on the lineage in Xindian, Taipei.

My Promise to the Association

Due to the current and rapid changes in the culture of Taiwan there has been a new spread fear of "loss" of the many traditions and arts of old. I have promised to dedicate my life before the Jin Yuan Bagua Association to ensure not only its preservation but also its expansion through out the entire world. I am honored to have been chosen for an event that I can only describe as my greatest dream. I will never slack off from training, teaching and promoting the Gao style Bagua without every sacrificing the roots for a means of personal gain.

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