Saturday, May 31, 2008

My YouTube Vids


Scott said...

Greetings Warren,

I admire your revolutionary style and the concept of Tian Wu Dao. I am currently attending college in America but my origins are in Taiwan and I am glad that your research is going well there. While I have not been actively practicing your Bagua applications, I appreciate your sense of hip-hop. In particular, the rhythm and rhyme used in your video:
Gao Bagua Applications Advanced Fox -- 柔身連環八卦掌,
fascinates me. I would appreciate it if you would upload your music on your blog for mp3 downloading.

Thank you and best regards to the Tian Wu Dao,


gpupo said...

This is a very good Youtube Channel.
Thanks for sharing your moves.
I am reading your past posts and i learn with your thoughts.
Hugs from Brazil