Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soft Body Repeating Hands Bagua Movements

Pre Heaven (For Strengthening & Conditioning)

八大綱 8 Structures (Outline of Power)
單換掌 Single Changing Palm
雙換掌 Double Changing Palm
順式掌 Flowing Palm
背身掌 Backside Palm
翻身掌 Body Reversing Palm (Flipping Palm)
磨身掌 Grinding Body Palm
三穿掌 Triple Piercing Palm
回身掌 Turning Palm (Rotating Palm)

天干八卦 Heaven Movement Forms
蛇形順式掌 Snake's Flowing Palm
龍形穿手掌 Dragon's Piercing Palm
回身打虎掌 Tiger's Turning Palm
燕翻蓋手掌 Swallow's Reversing Covering Palm
轉身翻背掌 Spinning Backward Palm
擰身探馬掌 The Searching Horse's Twisting Palm
翻身背插掌 Reversing Body Backward Stabbing Palm
停身搬扣掌 In Place Hooking Palm (Still Hooking Palm)

Post Heaven Movements (For Application)

地支八卦 Earth Movement Forms

Section 1: 打法 The Way of striking
開掌 Opening Palm
捧掌 Carrying Palm (offering palm)
扽掌 Yanking Palm
探掌 Searching Palm
捩掌 Twisting Palm
挑掌 Choosing Palm (Selecting Palm)
蓋掌 Covering Palm
纏掌 Wrapping Palm

Section 2: 手法 The Way of the hands
截掌 Intercepting Palm
藏掌 Hidden Palm
砍掌 Chopping Palm
削掌 Peeling Palm
二掌 Two Palms
虎掌 Tiger Palm
奪掌 Snatching Palm (Robbing Palm)
環掌 Surrounding Palm (Looping Palm)

Section 3: 卸法 The Way of Diverting
穿掌 Piercing Palm
搬掌 Moving Palm
接掌 Catching Palm
攔掌 Hindering Palm
停掌 Stopping Palm
翻掌 Flipping Palm
走 Stepping Palm
轉 Spinning Palm

Section 4: 身法 Way of the Body
推掌 Pushing Palm (forcing palm)
托掌 Supporting Palm
帶掌 Taking Palm
領掌 Leading Palm (Guiding Palm)
沾掌 Staining Palm
連掌 Repeating Palm
隨掌 Allowing Palm (Following Palm)
黏掌 Sticky Palm

Section 5: 肘法 The Way of the Elbow
蹲 Crouching Elbow
盤 Capturing Elbow
墜 Falling Elbow
頂 Peaking Elbow
衡 Measuring Palm (Weighing Palm)
挫 Obstructing Palm
疊 Stacking Palm
鑽 Drilling Elbow

Section 6: 腿法 The Way of the Legs
趨 Quick Stepping kick
踹 Sweeping Kick (Trample)
擺 Outward Kick
掛 Hanging kick
踢 Lifting Kick (Raising Kick)
截 Intercepting Kick
蹚 Drifting Sweep (Wading Sweep)
撞 Crashing Kick

Section 7: 進法 The Way of Entry
掖 Tucking Palm
擠 Pressing Palm
雕 Statue Palm
攞 Splitting Palm
崩 Collapsing Fist
闖 Breaking Palm
扣 Hooking Palm
攀 Climbing Palm (Pulling Palm)

Section 8: 走法 The Way of Stepping
搗 Pounding Palm (Stirring Fist)
狸 Fox Palm
吸 Attracting Palm
跨 Cross step Palm
搖 Trembling Palm (Shaking Palm)
閃,三 Lightning Palm (Triple Palm)
橫 Horizontal Palm (Crossing Palm)
竄 Scurrying Palm

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