Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Martial Arts Revolutionary

If you couldn't tell by some of the articles that I have already written I am not a big fan of the pop era. Where to most people it me seem like a harmless fashion it has also indirectly affected all histories and cultures. Everything real is getting eaten away by imagery. Martial arts instructors are often more concerned about the business than the art which is the cause of incomplete or incorrect styles being taught. Thus creating an idea that some styles are ineffective, when in actuality the teacher or students are practicing the movements ineffectively. In the pass it was necessary to hide the techniques of a style and for martial artist to remain low-key in order to survive. Now even at the point of origin for many martial arts the youth is completely uninterested in learning martial arts. Causing a dilution of the styles potency as well as getting mixed together with "demonstration" and "sport" styles losing the truth in the style itself. The only way I see to prevent the decay of these arts is to search the globe looking for all the authentic masters, students and data then present it to the world the way it actually is. Utilizing TV, Internet and technology as tools to save and preserve these priceless treasures. I am currently working on plans to gather all of the arts to make a database of information and martial arts media so that in a future obsessed with technology warriors will still have a place. If you have any info concerning your master and self about the history and whereabouts of your system please send it to (Systems of all origins are welcome, this is not limited to Kung fu)

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