Monday, June 2, 2008

Master Wu Guo Zheng  吳國正師父

  Master Wu Guo Zheng officially started his training in Bagua in 1979. At that time his father Wu Jin Yuan was already teaching Gao style Bagua and as a youth Wu Guo Zheng was surrounded by an enriched martial arts environment. For the next 30 years he trained under his father without break in order to take on the responsibility of carrying on his fathers complete teachings. Now Wu Guo Zheng is the head of the Jin Yuan Bagua Association as well as teacher of the arts. He has been teaching for over ten years to his students in both Xin Zhu as well as Xin Dian Taipei. With the responsibility of having to complete his fathers teaching on his shoulders he has taught diligently in order to spread the style of Soft Body Repeating hands Bagua. (Known in mainland China as Gao style Bagua.) When he teaches he explains the purpose of every movement in great detail and often writes articles on how to better your training. He has unselfishly taught to many students the complete system of Pre Heaven, Post Heaven, Weapons along with 12 steps of power that he developed to better the students learning.

You can read his many articles on

Unfortunately they are not in English yet but don't worry that is what I am here for. Bringing the East to the Western world.


ashe said...

it'd be a nice addition to your blog if you could translate some of Wu Laoshi's articles for those of us who aren't able to read much chinese.

Wsu_Orion said...

What's up Fox. The blog looks great. I put a link to it from my blog at . talk to ya later -Orion

Bogumil Szymanski said...

Did you translate some of his articles?