Monday, June 2, 2008

Master Wu Guo Zheng and Warren Fox

吳國正師父 和孔太龍

I have had many different teachers in my years of training. Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Americans have helped to guide my understanding of the martial arts. However their is only one person that I will call master and that is Wu Guo Zheng.He has been training Bagua since before I was born and when I came to Taiwan searching for the masters he showed me the door to knowledge. I hadn't heard of him before my arrival to Taiwan, in fact I heard of other masters that I found to be "less than inspiring". The very instant that I felt him grab my arm I was willing to completely let go of everything I learned just to be able to study under him.He is not the kind of master that drags your time along because he is afraid you will surpass him, which is a common trait with many Asian teachers. He says, "I will teach you as much as you can learn." I have been very fortunate to train with him one on one for the past years here in Taiwan. I have learned things that I have always believed to be myth or rumors. I will continue to do everything in my power to honor and share his teachings with the world. Thank you Master Wu.
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