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Bagua Class Schedule

Wu Guo Zheng's Classes 吳國正的課 Taipei City Xin Dian Highschool 新店高中 Sunday at 3:30 禮拜日 15:30 Warren Fox's Classes 孔太龍的課 Taipei City Zhongxiao Fuxing Mrt near exit 14 忠孝復興捷運地下街 靠近14號出口 8pm to 9:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday 禮拜二四 晚上 8點

Gao Bagua two person application practice 八卦掌 本手第二段

Section two of the post heaven movements or applications. This is not like sparring but a very effective method that teaches the timing of the movements and has an endless amount of variations that can be practiced. This is consideed one of the most complex parts of Gao bagua and should only be practiced after the post heaven movements are done smoothly

全世界華人武術大賽 Asian World Matrial Arts Competition

This was a wonderful experience in Taiwan to be able to be surrounded by so many masters. I saw masters of every internal style along with up and coming masters in the external styles. Truly a blessing to be in Taiwan for me now.

Guan's Blade 春秋刀

一、持刀式 Holding Blade Technique 二、獻刀 三、 Offering Blade 舞花左砍(左) Dancing Flower Slash 四、別刀右砍(左) Right Dividing Slash 五、背刀式(左) Back Blade Style 六、獻刀式(左) Offering Blade Technique 七、大舞花(挨右) Big Dancing Flower 八、獨立後搗 Single Back Thrust 九、獨立前摩 Single Forward Grind 十、撲刀式 Pounding Blade Style 十一、轉身觀風 Turn and Face the Wind 十二、古樹盤根 Roots of the Old Tree 十三、透步別刀 Through Step Dividing Cut 十四、蹋步下砍 Deep Step Downward Slash 十五、蹲步挑抱 Crouching Plunge 十六、回身掃膛 Turning Sweep 十七、推窗望月 Push the Window and Gaze at the Moon 十八、、輪花撲刀 Rolling Pound 十九、背刀式 Back Blade Style 二十、騎馬下撩 Riding Horse Rising Blade 二一、騎馬蓋頂 Riding