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Day by Day

( This was an answer I gave to Micheal, who was wondering how to keep training forms with out growing stale. Thanks Micheal. All of your questions make my blog better.) Well much like the bicep curl, even though you do the same movement, the result is different. Repetition is like continually filling a large vase with a drop or two of water a day. Doing the same forms may not exhaust your body, but it will most certainly exhaust your brain...followed by your spirit. So what I do is think of the movements of a form like parts of a car. Sometimes it's best to isolate a single movement from the form and then place on the workbench so that it can be examined. Examining each movement under the lens of purpose. When you understand the purpose of the movement you can begin field testing it in other scenarios. For example take a single strike that you need to practice from the form. Then surround yourself with targets i.e. swinging heavy backs, fruit, falling leaves, shooting

All crews keep training

Every major transition in my life is naturally accompanied with a major transition or understanding of myself through my art. My training has acted as a compass that helps me find my next spot on the map of my kung fu quest. My goal ultimately is to use bagua as a medicine, tool or weapon to help those in need defeat their personal enemy. Any master can only plant the seed and it us up to the student to continue watering the movements through practice, meditation and research. I hope to use modern technology to my advantage in order to spread Bagua to as many people as possible through the course of my lifetime. This means that I don't know how long I will be able to linger in any one place at any given time. But every place I do touch, I will teach to whoever wants to learn. In the end of course there will be a school for the Tianwudao, or all martial artist that wish to unite for the purposes of learning, training and developing. In addition I'd like to make some comme